Unable to view any of "A-List's" Sites? AT&T, comcast, etc...

If you are unable to access any of A-List's sites to get information about our upcoming events
  • "DREAMin On Trinity Ave" Block Party with a Purpose benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation GA/AL 1/20
  • FLORIDA KEYS-  Hip Hop Dance Workshop 1/28
please go to http://bit.ly/alistnews for information.

Since yesterday morning, I noticed that I was unable to access/ see any of A-List Sites
  1. A-List PR Firm http://www.AListPRFirm.com
According to the web server that our sites sit on, it is a problem with my ISP who is having a IP Blockage. Not sure what that is but...thats what they call it. lol

There are over 20 ISP (internet service provider) who are running into this issue (mainly AT&T and Comcast.) So if you have those ISP, you wont be able to see or access our sites til they are able to resolve the issue. Other sites that are sitting on the Webs.com server are also going through the same thing...not just A-List's sites. Fortunately, not everyone uses AT&T and Comcast so there are still people in this world who are reading and browsing our sites with no problems.

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