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Providing your musical needs one step at a time!
Affordable music lessons in Atlanta, GA

Students can come learn at our private studio in Douglasville, GA
or We can teach at your location
Available: Mon-Saturday

Ages: 5 & up

Levels: Beginner to advanced
Piano |Singing/ Vocals | Music Performance |Music Theory|
Saxophone |

"Music is what feelings sound like...."

More info can be found by visiting site (click flyer below)


Artist, dont allow another artist to manage you!!!

I've tweeted so much about this subject NOT because I'm hating. Those who are BLESSED, have no need to hate...AND GUESS WHAT- Im very blessed and highly favored! I speak on this subject so much because I cant stand seeing others being taken advantage of. I especially HATE when they have no idea what;s going on. I know lots of people (the frauds) will hate me but OH WELL... God will BLESS ME for speaking up and hopefully saving AT LEAST 1 PERSON!
Is this my ploy to manage your artist? HECK NO...My roster is full and its only open to dancers/choreographers
Artist, NEVER have another active artist (especially an upcoming artist) manage you!

You have to ask yourself...if this person hasn't seen the top, how in the world is he going to take you there? If he hasn't been able to do ANYTHING for his own career, what makes you THINK he can do anything for yours? REAL TALK!

Think about it: If a label was torn between the both of you (your manager, who is an artist & you) & can only sign ONE, do you really think your manager (who wants the same as you do) is really going to fall back and say, "Sign him instead!" Yea right! This is an opportunity that he has been waiting for, why would he allow YOU to live his dream? Therefore, in situations like that, your manager will NOT have your best interest at heart....TRUST ME!

If your manager is an artist, dont be surprised if he promotes himself more than he does you. Dont be surprised that when he makes a flyer, his picture is going to be at top or enlarged and you will see your name in print (a tiny picture if you are lucky) Why? Because your manager is an ARTIST and is not ready to allow anyone shine more than him (even his own talents/clients.)

And your manager probably said some bs like, "Let's get me signed first and when I do, I will make sure you come along with me!" DONT BELIEVE THAT CROCK OF BS! 1st of all, as a manager, he's suppose to make sure that he works for YOU and seeks deals for YOU but because he is an artist, of course HE comes first. 2nd- Him saying "Let me get signed first" means YOUR career is secondary to him! 3rd- After he get signed, that does not mean that he has the authority nor the power to sign you or get you an instant record deal- DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! Him telling you "Lets get me signed first" is his way of saying, "Help promote ME, your manager. Just sit back, dont outshine me and you have to be OK with that!" SMDH

Artist, PLEASE...be mindful that at the end of the day, this is YOUR career; YOUR life. DO NOT allow your competitor (another artist) to manage you & TRUST him with your career because when you do, you allow him the access to ruin you!!

Do your research. People in this industry throw celeb names ALL THE TIME...dont believe the hype. GOOGLE IT! What has your manager done? Will he have your career best at heart?

To be honest with you, I would rather have someone who with no experience who is HONEST ABOUT IT yet is determined to get you to the top. Than to have a FRAUD, claiming this, claiming that (selling you dreams) but you cant find ANY RESULTS of anything he has done in the past. Everyone starts out a rookie/amateur but it depends on HOW THEY START- were they HONEST & told you straight up, "Hey I dont have any experience but Im very determined to get you to the top and I've been online studying and I honestly I can make this happen for you." Or did they name throw promising & selling you dreams??

I know that you want this bad but if you do, please be WISE about it. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH...DONT BE AFRAID to ask around; dont be afraid to ask a potential manager billions of questions!

I honestly believe, artist who manage other artists are like record labels. They dont want to see you outshine their current artist (or themselves) so they sign you and ON PURPOSELY sit you down; put you on the shelf! Or they use you because you are the one with the REAL talent so you open doors for free showcases, etc.... and the manager, who is an artists, throws himself in for a free ride.

You probably built a strong friendship with your manager but I suggest you look for another manager because at the end of the day....this is YOUR CAREER; YOUR LIFE and you must be LOYAL to yourself!

I hope this blog helps you see whats in front of your face and I hope that you make wiser decisions in your hunt for a manager. Best regards to everyone!

Follow me and my smart mouth at @alist_prfirm haha


A-List Talent Management finally opening up roster in ATLANTA, GA


A-List Talent Management is FINALLY opening it's roster for more talents.

Dancers/ Choreographers

We are in the search of

  1. Hip Hop Dancers of all ages/genders (MUST be experienced & catch on to choreography FAST)
  2. Hip Hop Choreographers
  • MUST LIVE IN Atlanta, GA area (no exceptions...DO NOT REPLY to this posting if you do not live in Atlanta GA)
  • MUST have reliable transportation!!!
  • MUST have experience with choreographed moves - parents, please note just because your kids have been in talent show does NOT mean they have experienced in choreographed moves. Dancers MUST have taken choreography class and can catch on to 8 counts fast. If you have no idea what 8 counts are, then you do not have experience.
  • MUST not be signed to an "exclusive" contract
We manage those who are already stage ready....not those who need lessons. We are not

a dance studio/ teaching school & do not provide lessons. We are a management firm.

How to submit:

Please reply to this post (by clicking "REPLY") with

  1. Age
  2. Name
  3. Email
  4. Experience
  5. VIDEO FOOTAGE- do NOT reply without a video footage. AGAIN...DO NOT reply without a video footage!!! (video link is fine)
  6. NO CHILD IS ALLOWED TO SUBMIT. PARENTS MUST SUBMIT FOR CHILD! We take this very serious! If you are using your child's account, please be the one to submit the information..and YES, we can tell the difference! If there is any indication that a child is submitting, we will eliminate you from any chance of ever being considered. We do not take lightly to those who try to deceive us! So kids, HAVE YOUR PARENTS submit you!
  7. You can also opt to [submit here] or email the info above to a.list.talent@gmail.com . Be sure to put on subject line "Dancer / Choreographer submission"

Proper etiquette when emailing a business is not only introduce yourself but explain the reason for your email or submission. Do not just send your info, TELL US what you are submitting to! We have more than one project going on therefore, we need to know what you are submitting to. We will delete all emails that do not provide details.

Dance Tracks | Producers | Song Writers for Teen Artists
  • We prefer those who live in Atlanta, GA & has their own studio
  • Music/track MUST be trendy & fun
  • Must be SERIOUS about work

How to submit:

Please email a.list.talent@gmail.com with
  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Website (with tracks, links with video with your tracks, sample of your work)
  4. Contact info
  5. Or you can opt to reply to this post or [submit here]

Proper etiquette when emailing a business is not only introduce yourself but explain the reason for your email or submission. Do not just send your info, TELL US what you are submitting to! We have more than one project going on therefore, we need to know what you are submitting to. We will delete all emails that do not provide details.

Please check your spam/junk mail for our response


People BE DIFFERENT with your promotional items!!!

I was browsing online and seen this very DIFFERENT type of personalized promo. Im personally sick of the same ole promo items like hats that I will NEVER WEAR, T-shirts I wouldn't dare get caught wearing, magnets I dont even look at, etc...


The guests at your next special occasion will love the gift of free music downloads from Just Tunes Music. I MEAN...WHO DOESNT LIKE MUSIC??? Personalized with your image/logo on the card, they'll have a terrific keepsake to remind them of your outstanding party event. Just Tunes Music cards are ideal for any party!


JUST TUNES Banner 2 - Perfect Party Favor

I think it would be sooooo cool to have as a

  • Party Favor (ESPECIALLY for Sweet 16 parties)
  • for an artist, it would be cool to give fans as a gift or even resell it online
  • etc...
Its cool; its different!!
Not your typical business cards or party favors that your friends will just THROW AWAY!! That's a waste of money if you ask me.

If you provide fans/friends/customers with something useful...they will KEEP IT and if its in their possession and they hold on to it, your name/company will stick in their heads. Not to mention...if you give this to teens, they will think its EXTRA cool!

So for the next event/party/occasion you have and you want to do it big and different, I really think you should consider getting these cards. I know I will!

JUST TUNES Banner 2 - Party Favors


Hip Hop Babies- Lil Wayne, Kanye, T.I, Eminem, etc...TOO CUTE!

Is this not soooo cute!!!??? Lmaoooo awww...look how innocent they were!


(click picture to enlarge)

Jezuzzz...look at Eminem! lmao

Which one is your favorite?

I think Usher & Kanye looks the most handsome. And LIL WAYNE looks the most gangsta! lmao

Think you can Sing?

Prove it! Here's your chance. Your World. Your Stage. Your Turn. EARN SOME FAME! http://lx.im/1aucC

Run an online business?
I've enjoyed and actually learned a few things from this blog. Every CEO should read/learn http://lx.im/1aoIx

Artist perform in front of Akon's, MasterP/Romeo's & Big Oomp's Label on Mar 3

QEB presents...

"DREAMin On Trinity Ave"
Concert Benefit!

It's going down on March 3rd 2011

The following labels have confirmed their appearance and
will also be bringing in their artist for a special treat/ special
performance. Attending representives from the labels will be there to see
what you got!

  • No Limit Forever (Master P |
    Romeo's New label) -T.Miles Master P's bff & right hand man will be

  • Kon Live (AKON's Label)

  • Big Oomp Records (label DJ Unk
    is signed to)

  • Slip N Slide Records

  • My NFL friend who A-List is helping start a
    new label

Artists, SIGN UP
NOW & take perform in front of these labels

Performance Options:

$35 Confirm your spot & perform 1 song
*have priority over walk-ins

$35 Open Mic & perform 1 song
*first come, first serve- we suggest you pay for a spot in advance incase we have to turn away people due to being over-crowded

$150 Be a FEATURED Artists & perform 3 songs


Limit Forever

Featured Performers:

No Limit Forever's Artists

Miss Chee, Ace, OakTree, & Kay-I




Akon's 1st Lady "MAJEE"

LIVE band "Atlanta 5.0"

single Release Party

Other artist performing LIVE

Scrap Boyz

"Ain't got it like Me
f. Lil Chuckee"



Star Status

D. Jones



Statz 441

Media That Will Be Present:

Media, if you would like to
attend & cover this event, please email us at
with information about your company. Media must be approved for
PRESS PASSES in advance.

Please be sure to check your
SPAM/JUNK MAIL folder for our response.





Celebs | Artists | Media that came out to support DREAMin

Contact Any Celebrity
Click Here For Instant Access To Over 55,000 Verified Celebrity Addresses!

When celebrities find time from their busy schedule to give
back to the community, its a BEAUTIFUL noble thing! Thank you to all of you who

Celebrities/ VIP that came out to show their support:


    More pictures can be found at

    Click on picture to read caption


    Pauldeleon Film 2011
    Shocheese Ent, LLC

    If you dont see your name on here and/or if you would like to add your link or update your link, please email alistprfirm@gmail.com and be SPECIFIC about your request. Thank you


    Why should I buy your product?

    Everyone loves a deal.

    (article from )

    Pretty much all of us get sucked in at one point or another if we feel we can get a deal on something and save money. We buy things we don’t need or don’t even want, the usual rules of making a sensible and calculated purchase go out the window and we get taken over by the urge to grab a bargain. Just look at Groupon, for those who haven’t used this service it’s pretty straight forward – you tell Groupon what area you live in and every day they send you a deal/bargain on a product/service in your area. That deal might be on a beauty treatment, teeth whitening or lunch for two, and it’s a popular service, one which has given Groupon a recent valuation in the $Billions.

    So how can you apply this back into your online business? If you have a product or service you offer online then make it more attractive. Start working on giving a visitor to your Website more reasons to purchase now and not think about the purchase and come back later, later = never. How can you improve your offer? Perhaps bundling in some extra support, a discount on a related product or a free product. Free products are easy to put together, lets say your main product is Golf Balls. Now how many golfers actually know why one golf ball is better than another? Why should I spend twice as much on one brand, and why are there different balls for longer distance or more spin. With some simple research (Or better still outsource it) you could easily put together a great ebook explaining this, maybe even a couple of short videos – and THAT is a product worth something. That can now act as your offer, buy 3 boxes of X brand golf balls this month and get a free copy of “Get to know your balls” !!

    If you’ve been offering the same product at the same price without any new growth in sales then try improving your offer with added benefits and add a reason that offer must be taken now (i.e. “Offer ends midnight” or “only open to first 10 customers”)

    Run an online business? You need to read this> A blog full of tips to help your online business succeed! More articles like this can be found at


    Get Radio Play: Feature on songs w/ DJ Unk or KayO Redd for 2nd Qtr Release: APR 7!

    Get Radio Play: Feature on songs w/ DJ Unk or KayO Redd for 2nd Qtr Release: APR 7!

    SPINS! SPINS! SPINS! Get signed before St. Patty's Day!!! Unsigned Artists and Producers stop wasting your time in the studio! Get on a record w/ a certified hitmaker! QEB, Oomp Camp, Brick Squad let's go...404-532-9232!


    $500 Due FEB 17

    1. DREAMin suppports the Make-A-Wish GA-AL

    2. Pre-E-Blast Music Link to Industry Professionals

    3. Photo Opportunity w/ Celebs & Qn. Everlena

    4. Single Release Party@ DREAMin

    5. 10 SRP Tickets to resell to Fans

    6. Recognition in Post-Press Release(s)

    7. VIP Access w/ Wine Tasting & Truffles

    8. Official QEB Press Kit & Media Relations


    Call 404-532-9232 for more info

    253 | 255 | 257 Trinity Ave, Atlanta, GA

    "DREAMin on Trinity Ave"
    QEB presents a Block Party with a Purpose!
    Proceeds benefit our charity of choice: Make-A-Wish GA/AL


    2/26 Bachelorette's Expo in ATL | WILDEST Party 4 the Ladies! Dave Tolliver

    Buy tickets from A-List & get TWO tickets for $15.00 or One for $10.00
    Regular price is $20 for one & sale price on official site is $15 for ONE.

    For Who I Am, Bachelorette Expo

    (hosted by Venom)

    Bachelorette Expo is known for uniting confident, intelligent women for a night of celebrating and fun. It is the wildest giant-public bachelorette expo on the planet. The show highlights Bachelorette Parties, Divorcee Parties and Birthday Parties for groups of ladies celebrating a milestone.

    The Feb 26th event will also feature a catwalk show,an accessories in the city fashion showcase, a HOT Glam Night, Shopping and More.

    Special invited guests performers include Trav Wright & Dave Tolliver from the group Men At Large. And HOT EXOTIC MALE DANCERS!

    Bachelorette Expo allows women to be empowered in the party environment while snacking on delicious deserts and mix drinks. Additionally, the expo offers makeovers, Photo Shoots, spa services and sampling from featured vendors. The Premier vending for the bachelorette expo are novelty, lingerie, pole dance, beauty, fashion and accessories vendors.

    More information and ticket sales, please click here


    Seeking TEEN male hip hop dancers in ATL area ASAP

    Seeking teen male hip hop dancers who are EXPERIENCED in taking/learning choreography FAST & has performance experience.

    Client is hair-stylist and dancers will be dancing at the Bronner Brother Hair Show in Atlanta, GA. SHOW IS NEXT SUNDAY


    • Must be between ages 12-16
    • Parents MUST be supportive and able to bring teen back and forth to rehearsals (reliable transportation a must)
    • We prefer those who live in ATL and surrounding areas as rehearsals will be in ATL. (out of towners will not be compensated for travel)
    • Must be able to catch 8 counts fast
    • Must be no taller than 5'7
    Please send the following to A-List PR Firm at alistprfirm@gmail.com (subject: Teen Dancers)
    1. Name
    2. Age
    3. Video footage of dancing (A MUST) unless our sister company, A-List Talent Management has worked with you in the past & can vouch for you.
    4. Resume or list of experience
    5. KIDS DO NOT REPLY as we DO NOT conduct business with those under 18. PARENTS must be the one replying to this ad (& trust us, we know the difference)
    Thank you for your time.


    Get CRUNK @ ICON Lounge Hosted by MTV's Royal Flush *DANCE OFF*

    QEB, LLC

    Dance Cypher
    Hosted by MTV's Royal Flush
    EVERY 1st, 2nd & 3rd THURSDAYS
    DATE: FEB 10 | TIME: 9P-2A
    DRESS: Valentine RED
    LOCATION: ICON: 253 Trinity Ave, Atlanta GA 30303

    FREE for Female College Students before 11p (bring college ID)


    $10 Advance: Access to 3 Clubs (Click here to purchase)
    $20 Door: Access to 3 Clubs
    $40 VIP: Access to 3 Clubs plus Wine Tasting & Truffles
    $50 Vendor: Exhibit Space, Access to 3 Clubs plus Wine Tasting & Truffles
    $100 Donor: Access to 3 Clubs, Make checks payable: Make-A-Wish GA-AL

    Option 1: 9P-11P: $25 | 5min max
    Option 2: 9P-11P: $35 | 5min max, Artist can be GUARANTEED a spot to perform Option 3: 11P-12P: Artist can be a FEATURED ARTIST w/ 15min set, PR, Marketing, & Consulting: $150

    Reserve ICON (top floor)
    Use: Product Launch, Album Release, Special Event, etc.

    $500: 25 Guests, 10 min on Stage
    $1,000: 50 Guests, 20 min on Stage, 1 Bottle
    $1,500: 75 Guests, 30 min on Stage, 2 Bottles


    To book Royal Flush, email their manager at a.list.talent@gmail.com

    ATL 2nite 2/10 -Wine | Entertainment | EXQUISITE ART (Open Mic oppts)

    QEB, LLC

    Wine| Entertainment| Exquisite ART

    Classy Elegance
    Hosted by D.joneZ
    Music Provided by : DJ Naka & DJ TKO
    Live performance by R&B Sensation, COMAI
    DATE: FEB 10 | TIME: 9P-2A
    LOCATION: CHOCOLATE BAR: 253 Trinity Ave Atlanta, GA 30303

    LIVE performances | OPEN MIC (sign in begins at 830p)

    $10 Advance: Access to 3 Clubs (pay here)
    $20 Door: Access to 3 Clubs
    $40 VIP: Access to 3 Clubs plus Wine Tasting & Truffles
    $50 Vendor: Exhibit Space, Access to 3 Clubs plus Wine Tasting & Truffles
    $100 Donor: Access to 3 Clubs, Make checks payable: Make-A-Wish GA-AL

    Perfect for R&B, Jazz, Spoken Word, etc...
    Option 1: 9P-11P: $25 | 5min max
    Option 2: 9P-11P: $35 | 5min max, Artist can be GUARANTEED a spot to perform Option 3: 11P-12A: Artist can be a FEATURED ARTIST w/ 15min set, PR, Marketing, & Consulting: $125

    Reserve CHOCOLATE BAR (backroom)
    Use: Art Shows, Booksignings, etc.
    $350: Private Party of 25 Guests
    $600: Private Party of 25 Guests plus Wine Tasting & Truffles

    Music by Naka the Ear Dr. & DJ TKO| Join Our Mailing List!

    Subscribe to our Blogs/Newsletter

    Info: http://www.ImDREAMin.com

    QEB, LLC
    255 Trinity Avenue
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303

    Publicists: A-List PR Firm http://www.alistprfirm.com

    More info about ART SHOW, go to http://lydesigns.alistprfirm.com