HOW can you NOT care???

How can you NOT care & not want to make a difference?

Over 600 kids (with life-threatening medical
conditions) in the greater Atlanta area are waiting
to have their wishes granted.

Some of the kids' health improved after their wishes
were granted as it gave them hope!

While most of us have
YEARS to live, these kids only have days, weeks,
months... Can you imagine what they must go thru on
a daily basis (aside from the physical pain) knowing
this? Most adults cant handle it...imagine the fear
it places on young innocent CHILDREN! Lets do
something about this..even if it means allowing them
to forget everything for just ONE DAY!

Tonight Feb3

another series of "DREAMin on Trinity Ave"
takes place. We will continue to host this weekly
our goal of $10k for Make-A-Wish Foundation GA/AL is

Date: Every Thursdays (except the last Thurs)
Time: 10pm-2am
Address: 255 Trinity Ave. Atlanta, GA 30087
Ages:18 & Up
One price
$10adv | $20door

gives you unlimited entry to ALL 3 Clubs on the
Block. You get to CLUB HOP all night long

  1. ICON Lounge- Dance Cypher upstairs | Regular club scene downstairs Ages18+
  2. Club VICE- Live Concert with several artists performing (click here if you would like to perform) Ages 18+
  3. Chocolate Bar- Comedy show (front room) | Poetry/Spoken Word (back room)
    Ages 21+

"ROYAL FLUSH Dance Crew" fm MTV's ABDC

will be hosting ICON LOUNGE |Thursdays for The Block Party

MTV's America's Best Dance Crew "Royal
will now be hosting ICON
. Ages 18 & Up are all invited to
come DANCE OFF with them upstairs (dance cypher like
in the movie "You Got Served" OR just party in the
usual club scene downstairs)

Featured in MTV's ABDC Season 5 | BET Hip Hop Awards 2010 | Stomp Da Yard 2| Footloose 2 and more...

A special treat: An AFRICAN Dance Troupe (with drums & all) will be performing in Club VICE to help celebrate Black History Month.

Tonights special guests includes:
NFL Chicago Bears, Ervin Baldwin | Movie/Film
Producer, T.Miles (Master P's bff/ right hand man) |
Representatives from America's Got Talent | MTV's
Royal Flush| Representatives from Konvict Music | DJ
Ant Love (Dj for The Monique Show)| AND MORE...

More info:

Wine | Poetry | Exquisite Art

Buy your loved ones a UNIQUE gift for Valentine's Day!

join us on Feb 10th for a chance to marvel @ the
unveiling of the most exquisite handcrafted
masterpieces designed by Ly Averette of

"Ly Designs"

Jewelry Art | Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Also enjoy the relaxing ambience with Live
Entertainment (poetry, spoken word, jazz, etc...)
while indulging on Chocolate Bar's smooth wine,
delicious truffles & more.

Raffle Tickets: Win a unique
masterpiece jewelry by "Ly's Design" valued at $75!

Admission to this event will also give you
access to "DREAMin on Trinity Ave" A
Block Party with a purpose (Comedy show, Live
concert & Club scene to benefit Make-A-Wish
Foundation GA/AL) on the night of. So after viewing
Ly's Designs & relaxing w live entertainment, you
can literally walk out of the building and into the
BLOCK PARTY. All the clubs you see on Trinity Ave
are the clubs you can get into for free.

View some of the exquisite pieces from Ly's Design's
collection at


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