Congrats to Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey! New parents to TWINS!

YAY! Congrats to Nick & Mariah, new parents to twins!! Whew...twins. I cant imagine...having one at a time is hard enough. Well hopefully the beautiful babies will keep Nick too busy to worry about Eminem lol


Saturday, Apr 30 , 2011 2:32:pm

It’s a boy and a girl for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon! The couple welcomed their twins on April 30th, which also happens to be their third wedding anniversary.

Carey, 42, gave birth on Saturday at 12:07 p.m. EST at a hospital in Los Angeles. Baby girl Cannon was born first, weighing 5 lbs., 3 oz., and was 18 inches long; baby boy Cannon was next, at 5 lbs. 6 oz., and was 19 inches.

Berger, Mariah’s representative, tells People.com, “she’s doing great” and they were listening to Carey’s “We Belong Together” after the children were born. “I spoke to both of them and they are both completely overjoyed.”

Berger also adds, “Nick was very nervous and Mariah was completely calm. Mariah thought it was another soft labor and Nick was driving her to the hospital and she very calm and the music was blasting. When they walked into the hospital, [Nick] was going the wrong way and they nurse redirected them to go the maternity ward, and I said to her, ‘that’s right out of I Love Lucy,’ and she laughed.”

Resource: www.blackcelebkids.com

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BREAKING: White House releases Obama's birth certificate

Acting Lessons in Atlanta, GA

I know one thing...Obama is better than me because I wouldn't have shown anyone ish!!!! He's President & you are STILL asking for proof his his birthplace? What kind of mess is that? I would HOPE that the USA was intelligent enough to do a FULL BLOWN RESEARCH & background check on a president candidate BEFORE allowing him to move into the White House & run our country.

And OUT OF ALL 44 presidents, why is Obama the only one who was questioned & asked to show proof of birth place/ birth certificate? DUH...I'm sure it's because his skin color is darker than the past presidents'...as if the ONLY place white people can be born into is the USA...morons! That's just as ignorant as believing that the ONLY PLACE anyone with slanted eyes & dark hair can be born in is China. smdh

OBAMA, good for you for shutting these fools up but personally, I wouldn't have given their lame @sses the satisfaction...but that's just me!

Now...can we talk about issues that matter???? Like when the heck these gas prices will be going down & STAYING down?

Read article below:

BREAKING: White House releases Obama's birth certificate

(CNN) – The White House released President Obama's original birth certificate Wednesday.

The surprise release follows recent and sustained remarks by businessman Donald Trump, among others, that raised doubts as to whether the president was born in the United States.

Obama's birth certificate [PDF]

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Trump said, "I have accomplished something nobody else has accomplished."

"I want to look at it, but i hope it’s true," he added. "He should have done it a long time ago. I am really honored to have played such a big role in hopefully getting rid of this issue."

Earlier Wednesday, White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said the debate has been "really bad for the Republican Party."

The so-called "birther" debate is "good politics" but "bad for the country," said Pfeiffer.

White House spokesman Jay Carney is expected to speak more about the birth certificate Wednesday morning.

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Bad Girls Club Auditions in ATL TN FL DC IL NC NY AZ PA

Acting Lessons in Atlanta, GA

Bad Girls Club 2011 / 2012 season


Bad Girls Club is now casting bad girls – or ladies who think they are bad girls for the new season. Nationwide casting calls are going now and open calls are scheduled for May 2011. Please see the tryout schedule and locations below.

Must be 21 or over to apply

The Bad Girls Club brings seven self-proclaimed ‘bad girls’ together in a beautiful mansion. These women have issues with trust and control, and claim they want to change. Will living together help them move forward and turn their lives around or will chaos rule? Please check back for more open call locations.

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Madam’s Organ Restaurant and Blues Bar
2461 18th Street NW
Washington DC, 20009

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Fado Irish Pub
1500 Locust Street
Philadelphia PA, 19102

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Publik Draft House
654 Peachtree Road
Atlanta GA, 30308

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Mother’s Pub and Grill
1017 W. University Ave.
Gainesville FL, 32601

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Buffalo’s Billiards Parlor
154 2nd Ave North
Nashville TN, 37201

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Mad River Bar and Grille
2909 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago IL, 60657

Saturday, May 14, 2011
The Alley
2512 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh NC, 27607

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Hooters of Manhattan
211 W.56th Street
New York NY, 10019

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Hooters of Tempe
501 S. Mill Ave Ste 201
Tempe AZ, 85281

More information about the show, click here

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Atlanta Has The Most Laziest Entertainers I know...

125x125 Russell Simmons with two cards

It's crazy how so many entertainers in Atlanta throw pissy fits like little girls when major directors only go to NY or LA to cast for principal roles and Atlanta only gets the "extra" roles in major films. I've heard actors get mad and say, "It's not fair that they come to Atlanta, take advantage of Georgia's tax break for film productions but dont use any Georgia residents for principal roles." I, too was a little upset about this until I spoke to one of the directors and it made so much sense to me.

The reason directors dont hire actors here in Atlanta is because entertainers here are so lazy. Atlanta is the most "I want this & I want that" but "I wont do what I have to do to get & deserve this & that!" My director friend said when he did a casting here in Atlanta, there were people wrapped around the building for over several hours. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people came to the casting and ONLY 2% of Atlanta residents had themselves together. Majority of the people who came to audition that live in Atlanta
  • had no professional head shots
  • their resume consist of nothing but extra work (which should not even be mentioned on an actors main part of the resume. It should be mentioned in the training area if mentioned at all)
  • HARDLY ANY actors took any acting lessons. If they did, they took it for a good week or two then stopped.
  • And MOST didnt have any experience or training, no resume, no head shots and just thought they can just WALK IN & make it to Hollywood. smdh
I also spoke to someone who did a Disney casting here and he mentioned the exact same. Except, he had to add... Hardly anyone who auditioned took any vocal lessons & the part they were casting for required the actor to SING.

Actors in LA & NY consider entertainment THEIR LIFE! People all the way from Canada, pack up & MOVE to LA/NY. When they get there, they bust their butts, working LONG HOURS at their job just to pay for their acting and vocal classes. Need I remind you, classes in LA/NY are far more expensive than here in Atlanta, GA.

I noticed that people (especially music Artists) move here to Atlanta, SIT ON THEIR BUTTS and expect someone to sign them. They claim they don't have money to invest in classes/lessons but they have money to go shopping and buy expensive clothing & jewelry!! They WONT (not cant) invest in artist development, backup dancers and EVERYTHING important to advance in their careers. They sit around, go to the open mics and expect to be discovered.

Sorry...I got sidetracked! Back to the casting directors...as they mentioned, "Movies are a HUGE INVESTMENT & they spend 6 FIGURES on just ONE FILM, therefore, they cannot take the risk of hiring untrained, inexperienced (basically...whack) actors for their productions." Why should they come to Atlanta, waste their time & not find NOT ONE actor that is worth the money when they can go to LA/NY and have so many options to choose from???

Atlanta...get yourself together! You cant expect big money & roll with the big dogs if you are doing amateur things. Do you know what you are competing against? And if you think "your looks" will get you far, you must have not been to LA/NY where most of the beautiful people are!

A HUNGRY entertainer has a full time job & majority of his pay check (outside of living expenses) goes to his training. Because HE KNOWS that his hard work and training WILL PAY OFF! He knows what he is competing against and will do ANYTHING to BE ONE OF THE BEST. He will sacrifice expensive clothing, expensive cars & going to the clubs to save his money to invest in his CRAFT!

A LAZY entertainer is the total opposite. Don't think because you are in the studio all day that YOU LIVE music. Get some artist development and prove to the record labels that you are a go-getter; that you take initiative! Even Beyonce up to this day, still takes dance & vocal lessons! And I KNOW...you are NOT better than her!

Bottom line... NO ONE WILL TAKE ATLANTA serious if Atlanta entertainers don't take their craft serious. It's one thing to say "MUSIC/ACTING is my life" It's another to actually mean it & LIVE it! Invest in yourselves; invest in your craft and give directors/labels a reason to be impressed with you and your resume.

For all the entertainers in Atlanta who actually do take lessons & LIVES for their craft...GREAT JOB! Keep on pushing...all your hard work & days struggling will ALL PAY OFF! All the clothes & fancy cars you sacrificed, you will one day be able to get/afford more than 10+ cars & will get endorsements for clothing!!

INVEST IN YOURSELVES or no one else will!

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Casting masculine men 25-35yrs old 5'11 or taller Model Print Job $3k

125x125 Russell Simmons with two cards

Atlanta, GA Only!

Print Job with a major clothing company

RESPOND ASAP! (time sensitive)


CASTING: Male, age 25 – 35. Any race. Unconventional attractive and masculine, 5’11” or taller. A “MAN’S MAN”, personable and real with some interesting qualities. He will convey a natural confidence for who he is and what
he’s wearing. Someone other guys would want to be friends with or grab a beer with.

CONTACT: Email your photos asap to a.list.talent@gmail.com with stats! (height, weight, age & location) DO NOT EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE MISSING ANY OF THIS INFORMATION!!! Your email will be ignored & discarded!

Compensation: $3,000

Music Lessons in Atlanta, GA
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Seeking Dancers for Youth Dance Crew ages 8-17

Seeking Dancers for Youth Dance Crew | Kids ages 8-17 in
Atlanta, GA

A-List Talent Management has been responsible for developing dancers/dance crews & making their presence known WORLDWIDE!
Our dancers has been featured on

  • MTV's America's Best Dance Crew
  • The Maury Show
  • BET Hip Hop Awards (just about all the years its was held in ATL)
  • BET 106 & Park
  • Major videos with artist such as Lil Wayne, Soulja Boi, Mike Jones, B.o.B and more...
  • Back up dancers for several artists (of all ages)
  • AND MORE... (view website for company resume)

We have taken our dancers/dance crews to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL and now that their schedules are extremely busy doing shows, etc... we are ready for our next challenge & ready to create our next popular dance crew.

We are currently seeking 5-7 kids (per age group) in the Atlanta area & who can travel to Stone Mountain, GA for rehearsals once or twice a week.

  • Ages: 8-12 AND
  • Ages: 13-17
  • Boys & Girls
  • Choreography will be ADVANCED therefore, we prefer that kids have experience in choreography/at least DANCING
  • Knowing how to krump, pop&lock and break dance is a major plus!
  • Tumbling is also a plus!

Please email us a.list.talent@gmail.com with the following:
1.) Photos of your child(ren)- doesnt have to be professional
2.) Child(ren)'s resume or experience in dance
3.) Video footage (link to youtube will suffice)
4.) Contact information
DO NOT EMAIL US if you are unable to provide ALL the information requested! Gather the required information THEN email us
KIDS, DO NOT EMAIL US as we will NOT correspond with minors

Child MUST be able/ must have potential to execute moves like in our videos below:

http://youtu.be/LV3zhMoJTyM -Chymes Kids
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE6-gOCwaRY -
Rehearsing for show w Raz-B
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8kYZuyKw3E -
Rehearsing with Raz-B in Florida
MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew

We are the #1 kid source in Atlanta. Casting directors for music videos, live shows, movies, etc...always contacts & refers people to our company especially when it comes to children. We suggest you do your research on our company & view our resume at http://www.alisttalents.com as we suggest you do with ANYONE you plan on working with (as a mom, we know that kids/parents are preyed on by con-artists)


  • Child MUST NOT have Stage Fright issues!
  • We dont expect your child to have all the experience in the world. Our staff will develop your child as we go HOWEVER, we are not able to teach them HOW TO DANCE...they must already know how to do that. Our choreographers will teach them MOVES & dance pieces. (BTW: That booty-popping IS NOT CUTE when children do it so please have your child refrain from doing that at our auditions)
  • Parents MUST be supportive & must be willing to transport kids to & from rehearsals / shows. (Although, we try our best to assist and work as a team)
  • Child MUST NOT be spoiled & selfish and must NOT want to hog the spotlight!!!! This is a group so we work as a TEAM. We believe in challenging each other BUT NOT competing against one another.
  • NO STAGE MOMS! If you cant sit back and allow us to do OUR JOB, then we cannot work with your child. We are professionals and if you were able to do our job, then you wouldn't need us, right? If you are unable to see your child blend in with the group & complain to us that they need to be upfront or need a lead role, we will NOT work with you. Again...this is a GROUP & We will NOT tolerate jealous behavior, parents/kids gossiping about other member(s).
  • MUST be serious & ready to work! There will be NO GOOFING AROUND during rehearsals. Our choreographers will not tolerate it. In order for us to be the best group around, we must apply ourselves 100%
  • This MUST be your child's passion....not the parents!!!!!
  • This MUST be your child's passion....not the parents!!!!!
  • This MUST be your child's passion....not the parents!!!!!
  • This MUST be your child's passion....not the parents!!!!!


  • Email us with ALL THE INFORMATION we requested above
  • If we are interested, we will schedule an audition for your child(ren)
  • If we are NOT interested, we will not reply (so no need to do a follow up- this is how the industry works)
  • If selected, rehearsals/development will begin immediately

Thank you for your time!


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Workshop for Parents of showbiz kids or FUTURE showbiz kids!

This workshop is open to any ADULT who wants to learn about the industry-particularly parents whose kids are in the industry or wants to be in the industry.

This workshop gives parents valuable information about the business side of the entertainment industry. Learn how to protect yourself from scammers & con-artists!

  • Classes & Training
  • Choosing a Good Agent or Manager
  • Submitting to Casting Directors
  • Professional Headshots & Resume
  • Casting Calls, Auditioning Process & Callbacks
  • Self-Promotions & Networking
  • Contracts
  • Production Companies & Studios
  • Labor Laws & Children’s Work Permits
  • Coogan Account
  • Working Conditions for Children
  • On-set Behavior: Dos and Don’ts
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Is LA Relevant to Your Child's Career
  • And More!
Who, What, When, Where


Date: May 14, 2010

Time: 2pm

Duration: 1.5 hours

Location: WonderRoot 982 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316

For More Information, click below:



Music Lessons in Atlanta, GA
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ABC cancels soap operas 'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live'

http://lx.im/1bR59 KEWL STUFF - I LOVE STREET ART!

Soap Operas 'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live' Canceled After Decades on Air

Legendary soap operas “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” have announced air dates for their final episodes.

“One Life to Live” will air its final episode in January of 2012 while “All My Children’s” will come in September of 2011, KABC reports.

On Thursday, ABC announced two new additions to daytime programming, which will most likely serve as replacements for the canceled programs.

“ABC is evolving the face of daytime television with the launch of two new shows, ‘The Chew,’ which will premiere in September 2011, and ‘The Revolution’ (working title), which will premiere in January 2012," ABC said in a statement to FOX411. "These new shows expand ABC Daytime’s focus to include more programming that is informative and authentic and centers on transformation, food and lifestyle – cornerstones of programming that resonate with daytime viewers as evidenced by the success of ‘The View’."

The news comes after a serious decline in ratings for soap operas in general. In 1970, there were 19 soaps on air. By 2000, there were just ten left. Today, six, including “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” remain.

On the air for 41 years, it was widely speculated that “All My Children” would be the first to go, with Deadline.com reporting last month that ratings had reached an all-time low.

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Shoot locations needed ASAP in Metro Atlanta!

Shoot locations needed ASAP in Metro Atlanta!

Our client is looking to shoot his film and needs the following locations to shoot at.

1) House with a basement for a film
2) house with a basketball goal for a TV pilot

No pay for use of location. Copy of film & Credit only.

If you can be of assistance., please email us at one of the emails below and if possible, provide a picture of the location.

a.list.talent@gmail.com or
info@triplethreattalentagency.net Serious replies only!

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Zsa Zsa Gabor to become a mom again at 94! Good idea or not?


Well it's really her husband that really wants a baby. Prince Frederic Von Anhalt said he's already started the search for a donor and surrogate. He's 64 and as we know Zsa Zsa is 94!!! Here's the full article.

So what do you think? Even though he's a super billionaire, is this a good idea for the child?

Personally, I think it's selfish considering money cant raise a baby. If he is 64, he wont be able to be active with his child and heck...the child will be brought into this world not ever getting to know his/her mom. Zsa zsa is 94 years old!!!

Who is Zsa Zsa Gabor?
For you young folks, she is an actress who was known for always slapping the police & known for her multiple marriages. lmao And she commonly refers to people as "Dahling"
[CLICK here to find out the films shes been in]

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Seeking MALE or Female Hip Hop Dancer in ATL 6'0-6'2

A-List Talent Management
is currently seeking a MALE or Female hip hop dancer
specific height of 6'0 thru 6'2 (max)
Very Slender built
Must catch on to choreography fast
Males must be comfortable with ECCENTRIC dance moves
Must have reliable transportation (even if it is Marta)


Dancer will dance backup for female pop artist for a show on April 23
(Unfortunately, something happened to one of our dancers and we need a replacement ASAP. We have other male dancers on our roster that's tall but they WILL NOT do any feminine moves so please do not respond if you are not comfortable doing feminine moves.)


READ CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do NOT respond to this ad if you are not what we just described above!! We are not opening up our roster for anyone else other than who we just described above!!

Please email a.list.talent@gmail.com with the following info:
Weight (approximate is fine)
Experience or Resume
along with a couple of pictures

Thank you for your time.

Music Lessons in Atlanta, GA
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Sample Choreography by A-List Talent's "Missy Bang" (video)

A-List Talent's youngest choreographer! We managed her as an actress...she grew into a great dancer then choreographer. NOW she is in a all girl rap group. A-List Talent Management- we are experts at pulling out ALL the hidden talents in our clients, polish their skills and create stars!

"Missy Bang"


Book our choreographers & dancers to upgrade your next show!
Artist Development also available
Must have a monthly budget as we are for HIRE; not for HELP

Music Lessons in Atlanta, GA
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VENOM Spits About "DOWN LOW, LOW DOWN BRUTHAS!" Deep Spoken Word! (video)

Some people cant deal with the truth but this is going on in our very own world- "DOWN LOW, LOW DOWN BRUTHAS!" of all colors & races! Dont get it twisted.

Listen to my homegirl VENOM as she spits the TRUTH. She goes hard & raw AND ALWAYS offends the GUILTY!

(...that REAL ish)

Atlanta's spoken word artist, model, host & entertainer!
BOOK HER for your next event
Twitter: @ATLsNewFlyGirl | Email: Fe.Entertainment101@gmail.com
Tell her "A-List" sent ya!

Or you can always holla at us at alistprfirm@gmail.com @alist_prfirm & we will connect you.

Music Lessons in Atlanta, GA
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Seeking Asian & Latino (or those who look it) Actors Models in ATLANTA

A-List Talent Management along with Triple Threat Talent Agency
are currently seeking Asian & Latino (or those who look it and can pass) Actors and Models of All ages & All sizes in the Atlanta, GA area.

Because the CEO's of these companies are Asian and Latino, they are the FIRST companies that casting directors & movie producers go to when they are in need of Asian/ Latino talent. Therefore, they are opening up their rosters specifically for these talents.

  • Talents must NOT be signed exclusively to any agency
  • Must be able to work in the US legally
  • Must be able to understand & speak English (even if its broken English)
  • Must have valid picture ID (Children must have birth certificates & parents/legal guardians ID)
  • Must not be camera shy
  • MUST have reliable transportation
If you meet the all the above & are interested in being added to their rosters non-exclusively, please email the following to a.list.talent@gmail.com :
  • Stats (Age, Date of Birth, Height, Weight)
  • Experience or Resume (if any) Even church & school plays and etc...
  • Photos
  • Location (specifically what part of Atlanta)
  • What your interests are? (Acting, Modeling, Singing, etc...)

As with all castings, they will only contact you back ONLY IF they are interested in adding you to their roster. Best Regards~

We encourage ALL TALENTS to research ALL talent companies before dealing with them. They welcome you to research their records & name as their records are clean and reputation is in good standing in the industry. Please click logos below to be directed to their sites.


Music Lessons in Atlanta, GA
As low as $20
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BREAKING NEWS: Celebrity Hairstylist Dariel Pulliam Dies =(

R.I.P Dariel- You are ALREADY missed!
If you didn’t know him by his name your knew him for his work. Dariel was seen on BET’s “Keyshia Cole-The Way It Is”, ‘Tears Shears and Beauty” and “Frankie and Neffe Show

I tend not to believe statuses on twitter because twitter can be so cruel nowadays. Folks start pranks about people's death and start trends RIP-ing people while they are alive and well. So when my friend called me to notify me of this possible prank/ rumor, I was HEATED and pissed, thinking "How dare anyone RIP the sweetest person in this world!!" I was ready to go off & verbally abuse the person who started this prank about Dariel's death. Then unfortunately, I found out that it wasn't a rumor; its not a prank and my heart is now soooo broken. :*(

Our sweet friend left us this morning & his death was caused by a staph infection. =(

I am distraught, shocked and literally in chills!! Just a few weeks ago we were partying at Carlysia Leverts Bday party and now he's gone????? I cant even fatham the thought. He was just as beautiful as he can be that night. He didnt look sick; he didnt act sick and just LIKE THAT, he's passed; he's gone because all along... he was sick. =(

And as hard as it is for me to swallow this reality, what tears me up inside is imaging what my assistant, J. Lee (pictured) is going through. Dariel is Jonathon's best friend / brother. He loved him as if they were from the same blood. I remember always hearing about Dariel and couldnt wait to meet him. And when I finally did, I knew instantly why Jonathon loved & adored him...I mean, who couldn't????? He was one of the sweetest person one can ever meet!

Death confirmed by : According to Tionna Smalls, celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist Dariel Pulliam, who appeared on TV’s ‘What Chilli Wants 2,’ has passed away from an undisclosed illness. ~SandraRose.com

Please pray for his family & friends affected by his death. It is such a tragedy to lose such a sweet genuine person. It's bad enough that there are not enough good in this world and its devastating knowing that God decided to take one back.

Dariel has always been an Angel on earth and now, he is an Angel above. R.I.P MY SWEET LOVELY!
I'm so sick and tired of the world's ignorance! For you ignorant bastards...just because a gay man passes, does not mean that his illness was sexually contracted! And FYI- aids is NOT a gay man's disease!!! He passed from "STAPH INFECTION" which could've been contracted so many other ways!!!

Who is Dariel Pullian? Here is a good write about about him, click here to read

Let's not allow Dariel's death to go in vain. Let's LEARN from it. Everyone please be careful....I've heard of "Staph infection before but I never realized it could be deadly. I did a research and its scary to know that it can even pass through air.

Can you die from the staph infection?

It is possible, but it's more likely that you will recover from it. It can be treated with a topical or oral antibiotic. I have heard of people washing their skin with a very dilluted solution of water and bleach, because they were allergic to the antibiotics.

Staph is usually a mild infection that can be easily treated and cured. However, there is a strain of the staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics. This strain can progress to a life-threatening infection.

Staph is contagious and can be passed through the air, through direct contact, or by touching something that has been touched by an infected person. You can prevent it with frequent hand-washing (before and after cooking and eating, after using the bathroom, etc.), by daily bathing, and by c leaning and treating injuries as they occur.

Read more: Click here
Another article -->staph infection

His family is accepting donations to give him a proper burial. Please donate what you can...even if its just a dollar.
Cynthia Brown | PO Box 47001 | Windsor Mill, MD 21244

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