Seeking Dancers for Youth Dance Crew ages 8-17

Seeking Dancers for Youth Dance Crew | Kids ages 8-17 in
Atlanta, GA

A-List Talent Management has been responsible for developing dancers/dance crews & making their presence known WORLDWIDE!
Our dancers has been featured on

  • MTV's America's Best Dance Crew
  • The Maury Show
  • BET Hip Hop Awards (just about all the years its was held in ATL)
  • BET 106 & Park
  • Major videos with artist such as Lil Wayne, Soulja Boi, Mike Jones, B.o.B and more...
  • Back up dancers for several artists (of all ages)
  • AND MORE... (view website for company resume)

We have taken our dancers/dance crews to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL and now that their schedules are extremely busy doing shows, etc... we are ready for our next challenge & ready to create our next popular dance crew.

We are currently seeking 5-7 kids (per age group) in the Atlanta area & who can travel to Stone Mountain, GA for rehearsals once or twice a week.

  • Ages: 8-12 AND
  • Ages: 13-17
  • Boys & Girls
  • Choreography will be ADVANCED therefore, we prefer that kids have experience in choreography/at least DANCING
  • Knowing how to krump, pop&lock and break dance is a major plus!
  • Tumbling is also a plus!

Please email us a.list.talent@gmail.com with the following:
1.) Photos of your child(ren)- doesnt have to be professional
2.) Child(ren)'s resume or experience in dance
3.) Video footage (link to youtube will suffice)
4.) Contact information
DO NOT EMAIL US if you are unable to provide ALL the information requested! Gather the required information THEN email us
KIDS, DO NOT EMAIL US as we will NOT correspond with minors

Child MUST be able/ must have potential to execute moves like in our videos below:

http://youtu.be/LV3zhMoJTyM -Chymes Kids
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE6-gOCwaRY -
Rehearsing for show w Raz-B
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8kYZuyKw3E -
Rehearsing with Raz-B in Florida
MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew

We are the #1 kid source in Atlanta. Casting directors for music videos, live shows, movies, etc...always contacts & refers people to our company especially when it comes to children. We suggest you do your research on our company & view our resume at http://www.alisttalents.com as we suggest you do with ANYONE you plan on working with (as a mom, we know that kids/parents are preyed on by con-artists)


  • Child MUST NOT have Stage Fright issues!
  • We dont expect your child to have all the experience in the world. Our staff will develop your child as we go HOWEVER, we are not able to teach them HOW TO DANCE...they must already know how to do that. Our choreographers will teach them MOVES & dance pieces. (BTW: That booty-popping IS NOT CUTE when children do it so please have your child refrain from doing that at our auditions)
  • Parents MUST be supportive & must be willing to transport kids to & from rehearsals / shows. (Although, we try our best to assist and work as a team)
  • Child MUST NOT be spoiled & selfish and must NOT want to hog the spotlight!!!! This is a group so we work as a TEAM. We believe in challenging each other BUT NOT competing against one another.
  • NO STAGE MOMS! If you cant sit back and allow us to do OUR JOB, then we cannot work with your child. We are professionals and if you were able to do our job, then you wouldn't need us, right? If you are unable to see your child blend in with the group & complain to us that they need to be upfront or need a lead role, we will NOT work with you. Again...this is a GROUP & We will NOT tolerate jealous behavior, parents/kids gossiping about other member(s).
  • MUST be serious & ready to work! There will be NO GOOFING AROUND during rehearsals. Our choreographers will not tolerate it. In order for us to be the best group around, we must apply ourselves 100%
  • This MUST be your child's passion....not the parents!!!!!
  • This MUST be your child's passion....not the parents!!!!!
  • This MUST be your child's passion....not the parents!!!!!
  • This MUST be your child's passion....not the parents!!!!!


  • Email us with ALL THE INFORMATION we requested above
  • If we are interested, we will schedule an audition for your child(ren)
  • If we are NOT interested, we will not reply (so no need to do a follow up- this is how the industry works)
  • If selected, rehearsals/development will begin immediately

Thank you for your time!


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