Become a ChaCha Guide & work from home on your spare time.

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Ok, Im SURE you have all heard of CHACHA.COM. Well, they are looking for guides to work for them. A friend of mine is one of the guides so I KNOW FOR A FACT that she does get paid for it. 

How much do you get paid?
Guides can earn a set amount per task completed. Expeditors earn $0.02 cents per completed task and Transcribers $0.03 per completed task. Generalists & Specialists earn between $0.10 and $0.20 per completed task, based on the Category of the question.

There are several positions but the position my friend has is: she matches the best answers (which other guides have answered) and sends it to the person who is asking the questions (chacha customers). So pretty much...all she does is SELECT the best answers and gets paid for it.

And sometimes, she transcribes messages, too. When someone calls in the 1-800 number, she types out what they are saying or asking and she presses SEND. That's it. 

As with any REAL JOB, you must go through a training process and then a testing to see if you qualify for the job. It's really simple. The training video is only like 30min total (you can stop and watch it whenever) and the test is only 10 questions. You should get an answer back to see if you can work for them or not in about 1-2 days (she got a response the same day). Oh and you must be 18 years old or older.

 Check it out & be sure to put alistprfirm@gmail.com in the referral box. GOOD LUCK! Let me know how it goes for you!

Be sure to put alistprfirm@gmail.com in the referral box. 

Be sure to put alistprfirm@gmail.com in the referral box. 

Get Paid to TWEET 
Get Paid to Read Emails - Self explanatory. I think it's around $0.03 per email. 
Get paid to receive Texts - They text you advertisers ads, you get paid per text.
Put this on your site and get paid $0.05 per click or you can even TWEET this link & get paid per click.

Yup, they PAY me to tweet $$

These are a few sites that I use to make extra money online. These are not any quick money schemes and they actually do pay...I know because they pay me. I will not recommend any sites that are scams and gimmicks.

Get Paid to Tweet:
While you are updating statuses on twitter, facebook, myspace, etc... WHY NOT earn some money by posting a tweet/status update & get paid for it??? Basically...get paid to tweet or update statuses.

Follow me on @theasiandiva to get an idea of the postings I get paid for.
  • Sponsored Tweets -My favorite! Why? Because this makes you the most money. You get paid a set fee PLUS per click. You can request your price to tweet/post (example: I want to get paid $10 to tweet/post) They pay you the one time fee of $10 & then you get paid per click after the initial tweet/post. 
  • ChaCha -New! Tons of categories to choose from. They have interesting subjects to tweet/post so people are more likely to actually click on it. Pay per click
  • MyLikes -Pays out every week (even if it's just $2.00) You can also make videos & they pay you per view (that's where the  $$$ is at) Pay per click
Bonus: With all the sites above, you can earn extra money by spreading the word & people signing up under you. Basically, you get some of their pay.
Note: Post them online once per 4 personal tweets/statuses so that it doesnt look like spam & so that you dont lose followers.

Get Paid to Read Emails:
This is actually the ONLY company I actively use and trust when it comes to reading emails & getting paid for it. I do this on my spare time. You get paid per email you read. (Im testing the other two sites)
  • *Hits4PayMy favorite because they actually pay you to read emails (unlike other misleading sites). You get like 0.03 per email you read. This can really add up $$!
  • *MatrixMail - Im still testing this one. I just signed up & will let you know how it goes.
  • *InboxDollar- they "say" its paid to read emails but it's more like get paid to view offers, surveys, etc...
Bonus: With this site, you can earn extra money by spreading the word & people signing up under you. It's $10 per sign up PLUS a percentage of their pay. 

Get Paid to Receive Texts:
  •  CashText -self explanatory! Get paid to receive texts and if you refer a friend, get paid for the texts they receive.
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Bonus: With this site, you can earn extra money by spreading the word & people signing up under you. 

Actual companies that pay you to work for them ONLINE:
I only know ONE site that actually does this. If I find more, Ill update this blog. 
  • Chacha.com- hiring GUIDES to work from home
Ok, Im SURE you have all heard of CHACHA.COM. Well, they are looking for guides to work for them. I know because I'm a part-time guide and HAVE gotten paid. 

How much do you get paid?
Guides can earn a set amount per task completed. Expeditors earn $0.02 cents per completed task and Transcribers $0.03 per completed task. Generalists & Specialists earn between $0.10 and $0.20 per completed task, based on the Category of the question. 

There are several positions but the position I have is: I match the best answers (which other guides have answered) and send it to the person who is asking the questions (chacha customers). So pretty much...all I do is SELECT the best answers and get paid for it.

And sometimes, I transcribe messages, too. When someone calls in the 1-800 number, I type out what they are saying or asking and I press SEND. That's it. 

As with any REAL JOB, you must go through a training process and then a testing to see if you qualify for the job. It's really simple. The training video is only like 30 total (you can stop and watch it whenever) and the test is only 10 questions. You should get an answer back to see if you can work for them or not in about 1-2 days (she got a response the same day). Oh and you must be 18 years old or older.

Be sure to put alistprfirm@gmail.com in the referral box. 

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You ever want to share a website link but it's too long to tweet, post or for anyone to remember? Well, why use services like http://bit.ly (who doesnt pay you a dime) when you can use FREE services WHO WILL PAY YOU?


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Here are a two companies that I use:
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Give a gift of training; a gift of talent!

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Christmas is almost here! If you are in the Atlanta area, consider giving your loved ones a gift of training; a gift of TALENT! Below are reasonable lessons:

Only $19.99 a mo
Only $59 (Reg $135)
Four-week group Piano Course at American Piano Academy
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ONLY $49 (Reg $244)
for Your Choice between 1 of 12 Photography Workshops from Creative Edge Photography Workshops-Click here


GIVE AWAY your digital products FOR FREE but STILL GET PAID! Ebooks, mixtapes, etc...

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I know a lot of artists, authors, etc... who don't have much success in selling their digital products online (ebooks, programs, music (mixtapes, albums, singles, etc...). I know it must SUCK that one worked so hard on their product but cant make any money back from it. But NOW THEY/ YOU CAN...

Now you can GIVE YOUR PRODUCTS AWAY FOR FREE and still get paid for it. You can get paid $45 or more for each 1000 downloads you give away for free. I know its not much but it's better than not making any money at all.

I've tried several different websites and this is by far the one that pays out the most. Most of the other websites only pay $25-$35 per 1000 downloads AND some of them wont even pay for certain countries. And other websites try to charge you a monthly fee to take advantage of this offer. But NOT THIS ONE.

COMPLETELY Free- so you have nothing to lose!

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FREE Acting Workshop in Atlanta for Kids & Adults

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The company of the 2007/08 production of Seussical the Musical. Photo by Greg Mooney.
at Alliance Theater

The Acting Program offers free acting workshops four times a year to give perspective students a chance to experience an acting class and learn about all the exciting class opportunities available through the Alliance Theatre.

To reserve your space, click on the appropriate workshop and register on-line.

Adult Workshops:

Youth Workshops


Lobbyist of Nevada Legislature BASHES over-weight teens!

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THIS Lobbyist of Nevada Legislature, sent me an email regarding OUR PROGRAM TO HELP OVER-WEIGHT TEENS.

This is what Denny Weddle SAID:
"Are you serious? WHY would you support FAT girls! Get thin and support yourself AND help yourself with a longer life!!!! Get a life-- I'm not far because I work at NOT being a slob--get it!!!!"

Paid Lobbyist WEDDLE DENNY.jpg
Denny Weddle denny@dwacorp.com
He owns an Advertising Agency in Las Vegas and a PR Firm. He claims he is on seven non-profit boards, Chairman of many.

I wonder how many of his clients are over-weight and how they feel about him calling them slobs (by referring to over-weight people as SLOBS). I also wonder what NON-PROFIT he is part of and how they will feel about a man like him sitting on their board. How can you sit on the board of non-profits if you are bashing teenagers or those part of the community. OVER 1/3 of America is over-weight and over-weight consumers are AMERICA'S #1 CONSUMERS!!!

His response was in regards to an email I sent, which can be read here . I dont know how or why he was in our mailing list but I was sure to immediately delete him due to his bashing.

"It's people like him that make us HAVE TO EMPOWER these young women even more!!" ~Manulani K

His email response was uncalled for and I am appalled that he would BASH a program that helps TEENAGERS. I am also FURIOUS that he would bash these girls and pretty much the plus-size community! This is the REASON why we came up with our program.

MEDIA and bloggers...TAKE THIS AND RUN WITH IT! I'll fwd u the email

More information about our program, can also be found here


I need your help w these teens!

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"More Than a Pretty Face"

Atlanta, GA | Nov 28, '11 -“She’s pretty... in the face!” is a phrase that most over-weight females are all too familiar with! Although the intent of that phrase is meant to be a compliment, one can agree that the extended part “...in the face!” is where the insult begins. Unfortunately, it’s these constant slick insults that eventually destroys the confidence and self-esteems of over-weight teenage girls.

The Pretty Perfect and Teens What’s the Rush Non-profit Organizations have joined hands to make a difference by putting together a program called More Than a Pretty Face. The purpose and mission of this program is to mentor and build confidence of over-weight teenage girls (ages 13-17), who are often forgotten and made fun of. These innocent youth need to know that they matter too and they ARE far more than just ‘a pretty face’.

As if the daily name callings are not hurtful enough, most curvy girls are also being bullied by their peers. Most suffer from depression because of the constant bashing by society and sometimes even by their own families. Walking around with their heads hung low, getting bad grades, skipping school, dropping out and giving up on themselves are only a few results of this bashing. The more serious results are starting a life of crime, being promiscuous and sometimes even taking their own lives (suicide).

"As a full-figured woman, I understand the struggle to fit in and I wish there were programs like this when I was younger and needed a mentor. ~ Theary Sim (Plus-size model)

The More Than a Pretty Face program plans to bring out the confidence in these beautiful girls at NO COST to them or their families. Here are a few things they can expect :

· Model workshop- Our professional beauty team will do a complete makeover for each girl & photos will be provided. The tentative date for this session will be Jan 7, 2012 at 9a-6pm. Location TBA

· Mentor Program- Teaching the importance of taking care of one’s physical appearance and personal hygiene. And addressing other related teen issues.

· Promoting weight loss through fun activities. Although we want them to love themselves for who they are, we also want them to know the importance of healthy living. We will be encouraging them through self-defense classes (beneficial to deal with bullies), dance classes or Zumba classes.

This program was not developed with financial benefits in mind; instead it was developed to genuinely make a difference in these girls’ lives. Its mission is relying on volunteerism and sponsorships to be successful. One can help by volunteering their services and/or donating facility space, products and funds (charitable tax deductible). To find out more on how you can help, please visit http://imprettyperfect.blogspot.com for a list of products/services needed.

About the Pretty Perfect Non-Profit Organization (PPNO):
PPNO is a non-profit organization founded by women in the entertainment /model industry (Theary Sim of Youtheary Khmer and Connie Cruz of A-List Talent Management). PPNO creates community based programs that will help mentor and build confidence of over-weight teenage girls (ages 13-17). Its mission is teach these girls to think positive (in ways of self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance) so that they can look forward to their future and make wiser decisions based on their self-worth. PPNO is also an active advocate in the curvy movement and will bring forward curvy professionals (models, producers, talk show hosts, etc...) to inspire the girls, as they are living proof that there is room for them in society. For more information, visit http://imprettyperfect.blogspot.com

It takes a village to raise a child; TOGETHER we can make a difference!

About Teen What’s the Rush Non-Profit 501c3 Organization (TWTR):
TWTR is a non-profit organization that holds an active 501c3 status. Its mission is to prevent and significantly reduce the incidents of teenage pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, teen sexual violence, peer pressures and teen suicides. Our goal is to increase self-worth, self-love, graduation rates, social skills, and provide knowledge, awareness on the consequences of choices through the delivery of no judgment conversations. For more information, please visit http://www.teenswhatstherush.com

For media, interviews and more information, please contact publicist, Connie Cruz with A-List PR Firm at (330) 577-3476 or email alistprfirm [AT] gmail.com


How can you help?

You can help by donating your services, products, facilities and more... Because of our active 501c3 status, all donations will be tax deductible and charitable receipt will be available upon request.

We are seeking the following:

Services: Hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers, videographers and video editors.

Instructors needed: Martial arts/ self- defense instructors, choreographers, Zumba instructors, life coaches and more.

Gift bags: Donate products to place in the gift bags that the girls will go home with. Ideal products are: Makeup, Hair care products, Toiletry (deodorant, toothbrushes, etc...), Perfume, Accessories, etc...

Products & gift certificates: Anything you would like to give to the girls as a gift. (Clothing, undergarments, books, electronics, etc...ANYTHING GOES!)

Food/Catering: Lunch & snacks for the photo shoot (which will be an all day event). We will need enough to feed the volunteers, professionals donating their services, and the girls. | Snacks and drinks for the mentorship classes.

Volunteers- We need those who can lend a helping hand in means of organizing, scheduling, scouting for girls who can benefit from this program and just being present to help us operate diligently & effectively.

Facilities: We are in need of facilities that are suitable for the following:

· Photo shoot – all day event for Jan 7, 2012 | 8am-6pm (tentative)

· Mentor class- 2 hour class room setting (Approx. once every month)

· Studio- for dance classes, self-defense classes and zumba lasses. (1.5 hours, once every week for 1-2 months.)

Office supplies: Paper, ink, blank CDs, printing services, photo printing services, folders (with prongs), etc...

Monetary donations: To cover expenses for services, facilities, and products that we were not able to obtain through donations /volunteers.

Anything: We are open to anything & any services you feel you can donate that will benefit these girls and this program. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your idea/proposal.

Those who donate/volunteer their time, services, products, etc... will be mentioned on our website, online press release, social media networks, event program (for our “More Than a Pretty Face” luncheon in April 2012) and more....

Please feel free to contact us if you can help in any way & would like to join hands with us in this effort.

Thank you for your time!


Connie Cruz

Theary Sim

thearysiminc [AT] gmail.com

Ph# 404-884-8006

A-List PR Firm

alistprfirm [AT] gmail.com

Ph# (330) 5PR-Firm

"I don’t care to make money from this! I just want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE...even if it means giving money from my own pockets! As a full-figured woman, I understand the struggle to fit in and I wish there were programs like this when I was younger and needed a mentor. ” ~ Theary Sim (co-founder)

It takes a village to raise a child; TOGETHER we can make a difference!

“People think that this is just another business venture for me. I like to consider it a ‘PASSION’ because business has one purpose: to make money. My purpose is to help these teens. Businesses also come with business risk. And to me, there is NO risk; I KNOW we can change/help at least ONE LIFE.” ~ Connie Cruz (co-founder)

To view & download this info in .pdf file, click here


Need REAL LIFE advice? Ask "NOVA KNOWS!"

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We are seeking submissions from those needing REAL LIFE advice. It can be about relationships, personal issues, parenting, and etc... Questions and answers will be featured on our client's new advice column (due to hit a few magazines).

Click here to submit questions One can expect to hear humorous, sarcastic, non sugar-coated YET real advice (Tough love; he doesn't hold back!)

About Nova:
Author, comedian, writer, radio personality and social activist, Nova Giovanni is branching off into his own independent column. He has written for a few magazines (such as Vibe Magazine); his materials were featured in a few radio stations (such as the nationally syndicated, Russ Parr Morning Show) and he just released his new book called Ramen Noodle for the Soul.

Due to his well-respected social commentaries & their desire to hear REAL ADVICE (versus sugar coated garbage), fans worldwide have demanded that he starts his own advice column. "Nova Knows (c)" will be going public once materials are collected. HOWEVER, one doesn't have to wait for the advice; advice will be sent to the reader via email once Nova reads it.

Warning: advice may contain adult language. Those who are sensitive, need not apply.

Ask Nova!


RAMEN Noodle Soup for the Soul? Hilarious version of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul!

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While "Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul" is inspirational and motivational, comedian Nova Giovanni's hilarious version, "Ramen Noodle Soup for the Soul", will have you laughing so hard, all the while doing the same (inspiring & motivating). In this book, Nova Giovanni relates & taps into the minds of today's 'every day people'. He doesn't hold back
and might even offend those who are not open minded OR those that he describes. His messages may be what one will describe as 'ignorantly FUNNY' as it possess sarcastic reverse psychology to make you THINK about life.

The book is so crazy that people of all walks in life (from simple minded low-lives to professional executives) ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! People really appreciate the author for talking about things that most WANT TO TALK ABOUT, but are afraid to bring up.

Below are the table contents of the book:

• Lick Her Crack For A Late Night Snack
• Why I Love Black Vagina (And You Should Too)
• Child Support Is The Devil
• How To Go From The Friend Zone To The End Zone
• The Secret Science To Spotting A Slut
• 10 Reasons Why You'll Never Be Wifey
• If You Want To Be His Spouse, Don't Play House
• How To Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife
• Don't Try To Repair That Hoe, Share That Hoe!
• 10 Reasons Why I'm Cheating On You
• Dora The Explorer Is Ruining Our Children!
• 10 Signs You're A Bad Parent
• Telling The Internet All of Your Business is ALWAYS Bad Business

WARNING: This book is NOT suitable for those under 18; those who are narrow minded; those who get offended easily; those who cant appreciate a good laugh/ humor.

Product Details

Let us know what you think of this book by posting a book review here.


Sandy Jean Philippe, a powerful force behind the CURVY movement

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Sandy Jean Philippe
Model | Actress | Producer | Philanthropist

I am here to prove everyone wrong and show the world that plus size women are here to stay! Like other women, we can be confident, beautiful, and fashionable. I know that I embody all the qualities (and more) to be successful in this industry!” ~Sandy

While most people see a vision and just talk about it, Sandy Jean-Philippe happens to be one of the few that actually works hard to breathe existence to it! And it's because of women like her, that doors open up for others. She is paving a way & creating opportunities for those often ignored and forgotten...the plus-size women.

Sandy left her family and friends in Miami, FL and headed straight to Los Angeles, California in pursuit of a Modeling /Acting Career. Because of her roots, stemming from the Haitian Culture, this vivacious curvy diva is strong, hard working, and eager to learn. A graduate of Florida A&M University, Ms. Sandy held various leadership positions while on campus and graduated with her Masters.

Born out of the principle that she must “be the change” that she wants to see in the world, she started her own company called One Chance Entertainment! OCE was created to give talented (but overlooked) minorities & full-figured women the opportunity to be part of the music, film, television, and fashion industries. They specialize in talent management, fashion showcases, pageants, TV/Film, and special events.

Sandy is no stranger to the Hollywood scene. She’s been featured on Discovery Health Channel’s “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant”; BET's “Take the Cake”; feature film “Trapped: Haitian Nights”; STYLE Network; and BET's "Born to Dance". Recently, she graced E! Network's "Bank of Hollywood" – where she made her mark, impressing the judges with her style, dance moves, and sassy attitude; she was coined a Plus Size Mogul that night!

Sandy is currently recognized for her production: Evolution of Curves, a high fashion, plus size fashion show tour that graces several cities in the USA (annually) & continues to grow rapidly. EOC is the first curvy fashion show tour ever sponsored by Apple Bottom Clothing Line. She developed this tour with the desire to empower women with curves and show them in a positive light. And because of her kind heart, she decided to donate proceeds of the tour to her charity of choice, The Haiti Cheri Foundation (a non-profit charity organization). Her passion for fashion and passion to make a difference in people's lives earned her the noble title of a "Philanthropist!"

With the huge impact she is making in the curvy community and lives she's touching, there is no doubt in my mind that this Haitian beauty is destined for nothing but GREATNESS!

"62% of the US population is a size 14; with those known facts, the plus size community deserves to be represented with style and finesse." ~Sandy Jean Philippe

Let's all show Sandy that we appreciate her
for her efforts and for being a huge force behind this powerful, life-changing movement by voting for her. Click on the links below to cast your votes. (You can vote for ALL 3 categories as she worthy of all 3.)

Plus size blog 100 Percent Peopleare proud to announce the nominees in their 2011 Plus Size Awards. Celebrating everything plus size, the 2011 Plus Size Awards has 18 categories for you to vote on between now and the end of the year, giving you a chance to award those who you feel have made a difference within the plus size community.

VOTE NOW For Sandy Jean Philippe:


New Video "Wont Find Me" Tiffany Evans

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Great job, Tiffany! I love it! Thanks for sharing =)


Cedric "The Boz" Boswell goes to Finland 2 bring the HEAVY WEIGHT BELT back to the USA!

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Available for interviews
Seeking sponsors

ATLANTA, GA, October 28, 2011 -- Boswell launched his professional career in 1994 and he knocked 21 straight wins until an injury caused his only defeat back in 2003 against three times heavyweight challenger Jameel McCline. Boswell promised to never be defeated again and has not lost another fight. Boswell's record is presently; 36 Total Fights 35 Wins 1 Loss and 26 KO's.

Boswell currently holds the NABA, IBF International and WBC Latino Heavyweight belts. Povetkin holds the WBA Title that he recently won during his August 27th, 2011 fight against former titleholder Russlan Chagaev. Alexander Povetkin is now 22-0 with 15 KO's.

Boswell is most appreciative for this lifetime opportunity that has presented itself and he shows no sign of falling short of winning! Boswell stated in a recent interview "My entire life I have been waiting for this moment. Now the big day has finally come. Povetkin is a good kid, but he is a kid and he will be in trouble once we are in the ring. I have the experience and the strength to beat him. I will shock the boxing world on December 3rd when I take home the (belt) to America."

Povetkin stated "Winning a World Title was like a dream coming true for me. Now I need to prove myself against quality contenders out there. I look forward to fighting Boswell. He is a tough opponent but I have worked so hard to become a champion there is no way I will allow him to take the belt away from me. I promise my fans and exciting fight in Helsinki on December 3rd."

This card is geared to be televised live in the United States on Epix | http://www.epixhd.com | and all over Asia and Europe, drumming up to be one of the paramount and merited Heavyweight battles of the year.

With the spirit Boswell's best friend Vernon Forrest on one shoulder motivating him and the weight of the spectating world on the other shoulder cheering him on in the USA, Cedric "The Boz" Boswell promises to bring home the WBA Title and plans to officially end his 2011 year with a bang.... literally!

SWAGGGirlicious Media, LLC
Media & Sponsorship
Adrienne Lawson
678.778.0117 (c)
Info.swaggirl@gmail.com (e)

Big Dog Boxing
Billy Martin
614.535.7555 (p)
bigdogboxing@gmail.com (e)

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