GIVE AWAY your digital products FOR FREE but STILL GET PAID! Ebooks, mixtapes, etc...

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I know a lot of artists, authors, etc... who don't have much success in selling their digital products online (ebooks, programs, music (mixtapes, albums, singles, etc...). I know it must SUCK that one worked so hard on their product but cant make any money back from it. But NOW THEY/ YOU CAN...

Now you can GIVE YOUR PRODUCTS AWAY FOR FREE and still get paid for it. You can get paid $45 or more for each 1000 downloads you give away for free. I know its not much but it's better than not making any money at all.

I've tried several different websites and this is by far the one that pays out the most. Most of the other websites only pay $25-$35 per 1000 downloads AND some of them wont even pay for certain countries. And other websites try to charge you a monthly fee to take advantage of this offer. But NOT THIS ONE.

COMPLETELY Free- so you have nothing to lose!

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Everyone can earn money - its easy!

 Earn now up to 45 $ for every 1000 Downloads
 We count every download from all countries around the world
 Earn 5 % of each sale from your website
 Upload via BrowserRemoteupload or our own Desktop Tool
 PLUS in addition to making money with your downloads, we pay you 25 % of your referrals earnings
 Unlimited downloads for free user for maximizing your earnings
 Easy, quick and painless uploads via FTP

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