Yup, they PAY me to tweet $$

These are a few sites that I use to make extra money online. These are not any quick money schemes and they actually do pay...I know because they pay me. I will not recommend any sites that are scams and gimmicks.

Get Paid to Tweet:
While you are updating statuses on twitter, facebook, myspace, etc... WHY NOT earn some money by posting a tweet/status update & get paid for it??? Basically...get paid to tweet or update statuses.

Follow me on @theasiandiva to get an idea of the postings I get paid for.
  • Sponsored Tweets -My favorite! Why? Because this makes you the most money. You get paid a set fee PLUS per click. You can request your price to tweet/post (example: I want to get paid $10 to tweet/post) They pay you the one time fee of $10 & then you get paid per click after the initial tweet/post. 
  • ChaCha -New! Tons of categories to choose from. They have interesting subjects to tweet/post so people are more likely to actually click on it. Pay per click
  • MyLikes -Pays out every week (even if it's just $2.00) You can also make videos & they pay you per view (that's where the  $$$ is at) Pay per click
Bonus: With all the sites above, you can earn extra money by spreading the word & people signing up under you. Basically, you get some of their pay.
Note: Post them online once per 4 personal tweets/statuses so that it doesnt look like spam & so that you dont lose followers.

Get Paid to Read Emails:
This is actually the ONLY company I actively use and trust when it comes to reading emails & getting paid for it. I do this on my spare time. You get paid per email you read. (Im testing the other two sites)
  • *Hits4PayMy favorite because they actually pay you to read emails (unlike other misleading sites). You get like 0.03 per email you read. This can really add up $$!
  • *MatrixMail - Im still testing this one. I just signed up & will let you know how it goes.
  • *InboxDollar- they "say" its paid to read emails but it's more like get paid to view offers, surveys, etc...
Bonus: With this site, you can earn extra money by spreading the word & people signing up under you. It's $10 per sign up PLUS a percentage of their pay. 

Get Paid to Receive Texts:
  •  CashText -self explanatory! Get paid to receive texts and if you refer a friend, get paid for the texts they receive.
  1. Sign up by clicking here
  2. OR text the phrase cashtexts 20312 to the number 69302 
  3. OR scan the code below with your mobile phone  
Bonus: With this site, you can earn extra money by spreading the word & people signing up under you. 

Actual companies that pay you to work for them ONLINE:
I only know ONE site that actually does this. If I find more, Ill update this blog. 
  • Chacha.com- hiring GUIDES to work from home
Ok, Im SURE you have all heard of CHACHA.COM. Well, they are looking for guides to work for them. I know because I'm a part-time guide and HAVE gotten paid. 

How much do you get paid?
Guides can earn a set amount per task completed. Expeditors earn $0.02 cents per completed task and Transcribers $0.03 per completed task. Generalists & Specialists earn between $0.10 and $0.20 per completed task, based on the Category of the question. 

There are several positions but the position I have is: I match the best answers (which other guides have answered) and send it to the person who is asking the questions (chacha customers). So pretty much...all I do is SELECT the best answers and get paid for it.

And sometimes, I transcribe messages, too. When someone calls in the 1-800 number, I type out what they are saying or asking and I press SEND. That's it. 

As with any REAL JOB, you must go through a training process and then a testing to see if you qualify for the job. It's really simple. The training video is only like 30 total (you can stop and watch it whenever) and the test is only 10 questions. You should get an answer back to see if you can work for them or not in about 1-2 days (she got a response the same day). Oh and you must be 18 years old or older.

Be sure to put alistprfirm@gmail.com in the referral box. 

Get Paid to Shorten Links:
You ever want to share a website link but it's too long to tweet, post or for anyone to remember? Well, why use services like http://bit.ly (who doesnt pay you a dime) when you can use FREE services WHO WILL PAY YOU?


Shorten it to: http://lnk.co/IWOC8 or http://adf.ly/7S8OY AND GET PAID each time someone clicks on those shorten links!

Here are a two companies that I use:
  • lnk.co  Paid per click. If you refer someone, you get 10% of their pay.
  • Adf.ly Paid per click.   If you refer someone, you get 20% of their pay.

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