In memory of Chiq Diva (R.I.P) Her family NEEDS your help!!

WARNING: The following post has profanity so if you are easily offended, please do not read any further.

R.I.P Chiq Diva

She was fun, young & full of life.
The sisters we lost on Dec. 25, 2010

RT @ovrdatoppromo Lady Shack
Man @goddessofpr whole family came they looked so tired... Instead of them mourning they're getting up in the cold trying to collect money

Man...as if losing their daughter/mother wasn't bad enough...now Chiq's family is going thru a financial struggle 2 bury her. Ppl kissed her @ss when she was alive so THEY can get ahead but now that she's gone, they act like she's never helped them! I tell you... MFs!! smh

IM DONATING NOW because when  my company, A-List Talent Management, first started, she TRUSTED ME to ...provide DOPE entertainment at the LAST MINUTE for The T.H.U.G Awards (True to His/her Urban Genius / revamp of The Source Awards. And after impressing her with our first big performance, CHIQ ALWAYS RECOMMENDED A-LIST!!! She was one of the first people who advertised for my company via WORD OF MOUTH/ recommendation.

Donate today & help her family bury her. 
Donation info: Chase Bank account # #915797468 / Tamara Mitchum.
You can walk into ANY CHASE BANK & make a direct deposit. Or if you have a CHASE ACCOUNT you can make a transfer, go online to http://chase.com, log in, click on QUICK PAY & send to payment to sooglamour@hotmail.com

I remember, Chiq was hard to deal with at first because she was a business woman that NEVER EVER took ANY CRAP from anyone! And boy oh boy...she had NO PROBLEMS going off on anyone who got in her way! lmao When we first met, she was cussing EVERYONE OUT. I was like, "Who is she? WTF is her problem? She better not come to me with that BS!" lmao  I, personally did not think I was able to befriend someone of such a MEAN nature. I thought that with both our strong personalities we would clash but thankfully, I was wrong. As a matter of fact, she later came up to me & apologized for cussing her staff out in front of me and my talents and explained the reasons for  her actions (without excusing them.) From that point on, every time she cussed someone out in my presence, I'd just smh and laugh at her. She'd then take a break, look at me & smile like "YEA I KNOW Im wildin out", then continue biting that persons head off. LMAOO...memories!

After we put away our briefcases and got to know each other as WOMEN/PEOPLE (not business women), I was able to see how big her heart was!!!!! She always cooked delicious meals for everyone and was just the sweetest craziest person after taking off that business hat. Whatever she enjoyed, she wanted to share with her friends and even offered me a round-trip ticket to New Orleans to meet her family & taste REAL N.O food. Unfortunately, her life on earth expired before we were able to take that trip. =(

Chiq not only made a difference in my BUSINESS life. She made a difference in my personal life because if it weren't for CHIQ DIVA, I wouldn't have  met my TRUE & SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS- My Suga Wugga, Plait, Kids i manage (DJ B-ez, Stacy, Sionne, Kye) and My babies at BE Magazine (B & Jason)!!!

So everyone, lets sit back and remember Chiq Diva (memories that are big or small/ good or bad) And even if she made the SMALLEST difference in your life, that small itty bitty difference could have snowballed & probably made a BIGGER DIFFERENCE than you think! I truly believe that EVERYBODY we meet in life, somehow, someway has made a difference in it.

Please help us bury @goddessofpr by making ANY MONETARY deposit at Chase Bank account # #915797468 the name is Tamara Mitchum. Lets give our sister a proper burial & a decent home-going. Even the smallest amount (like $5 can make a difference.

And not meaning to sound like an @sshole...I get so tired of those CLAIMING to support a cause/a person/ an event and do nothing BUT TALK ABOUT IT. A true supporter will do, without buying unnecessary BS, to REALLY support where it matters....MAKING A MONETARY DONATION. (trust me...Im willing to give up a few cases of MY DR PEPPER & eating out to HELP OUT) Sure we love & APPRECIATE that you will help promote/spread the word, but if EVERYBODY "spreads the word" and doesn't GIVE...WHATS THE POINT IN SPREADING THE WORD??? Think about this...this is some REAL TALK ish! We're not asking everyone individually to donate thousands of dollars. We are asking you to donate ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY you have to spare. Can you give up a McD meal to be a GOOD PERSON???? Can you please look under your couch cushion; in your piggy bank; in your car's ashtray to donate??

AGAIN please donate & help us bury @goddessofpr by making ANY MONETARY deposit at Chase Bank account # #915797468 the name is Tamara Mitchum. If each and every one of her family members, FRIENDS, associates and strangers can donate...we can bury her in no time...OPEN YOUR HEART.

Before I end this note (which wasnt planned to be so long,) I want to remind you all of this quote: "Treat others the way you wish to be treated." And because I always treat other kids & the elderly the way I wish people will treat my kids & parents...I ALWAYS say, "Treat one's family as you would want others to TREAT YOURS!"

Lastly, please pray for her family...especially her only child; her baby; her life-HER SON. I cant imagine what they are going through but I do know that our prayers can help them through.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note. If for any reason you feel as tho I was rambling...I probably was. Im literally dozing on & off writing this. lmao

~Connie Cruz
CEO of A-List Talent Management

Videos in memory of Chiq Diva

Adrienne Lawson's video.

December 26, 2010 | PR Mogul Chiquita "Chiq" Simms passed away on Christmas day leaving in loving memory her son DeSean and sister along with family and friends. Chiq Diva was owner and founder of DIVAdend Entertainment & Navigation Foundation.

T.H.U.G Awards Trailor- The award show that Chiq, herself, produced!
Check out her work!

A-List Talents perform in their first award show- T.H.U.G Awards
(revamp of SOURCE Awards)
Chiq gave us our first opportunity to perform at an Awards show. With our company so new at the time, I am extremely GRATEFUL for that opportunity!

Preparing for T.H.U.G Awards
Chiq Diva handed us a CD & said, "Can U make up a whole routine for this mix of songs with old school dances?" And we did in a total of 6-8 hours (2days) to choreograph, rehearse, clean up the moves & stage the show.

Far away view of A-List Talent's performance

Unfortunately Chiq was catering to all her guests & making them feel welcomed that she didnt have time to take pix with us. =(

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Seeking 13-15yr FEMALE artist for record deal ATL ONLY


A-List Talent Management seeking 13-15yr old FEMALE artist who is "proficient" in singing, dancing (choreography) AND acting for a girl group that is ALREADY signed to label!
  • 5'0-5'3 in height (no exceptions)
  • Must know how to sing & dance at a professional level
  • Genre: Hip Hop/ R&B so must be trendy in style and have lots of SWAG
  • Must be free of any contracts with label or management as this group is already signed to both.
  • Must be able to catch on to advance choreography
  • Must RESIDE in Atlanta or surrounding area
Will only conduct business w PARENTS
Kids, Have your PARENTS/gaurdian EMAIL US.
We delete ALL emails coming from children!!!
 Parents/Gaurdians, please email us with the following info:
  1. Child's stats (height, weight and age)
  2. Experience/Resume
  3. Pictures
  4. Videos (links are fine) of child singing AND video of her DANCING
  5. Contact info
Any emails sent by children will be automatically deleted.

Artist development is covered by the label and rehearsals are already taking place in Atlanta, GA with the members we have.

Company info: We are known for developing and breaking in entertainers such as  Dymond Cruz, MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, Royal Flush & more. Our talents have performed / been part of :
  • BET's Hip Hop Awards (2007-2010)
  • Several other award shows (The Source Awards, SESAC, ASCAP, etc...)
  • Maury Povich Show
  • MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew
  • BET 106 & Park
  • Several Music Videos (Lil Wayne, DJ Unk, Soulja Boi, Mike Jones, The Dream and more)
  • Several Movies (Lottery Tickets, Blind Side & more...)
  • TV Shows (Vampire Diaires, Drop Dead Diva, etc...)
If you have AT&T or Comcast, you wont be able to view our website because since AT&T upgraded their system, there has been an IP blockage to our site that has also caused Comcast customers problems viewing our site (since they run on the same wires). AT&T is currently working to resolve this problem. And when they finally do, you can view our site at

In the meantime, you can view our myspace page (which is out of date) but provides more info on who we are and what we have accomplished

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The Kardashian Christmas Card Revealed

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The Kardashian Christmas Card Revealed (PHOTO)
The Kardashians have released their Christmas card, featuring the whole crew in their holiday finest. And although they are all dressed pretty spiffy, it seems like this picture is lacking the HOLIDAY SPIRIT/CHEER. I mean, this picture doesn't look so jolly or happy. No one in this picture seems to be smiling (aside from mom's little smirk.) As a matter of fact, in MY OPINION, they look like the modern day ADAM'S FAMILY (in this picture), which is kind of creepy.

I think the Kardashians are BEAUTIFUL & rather STUNNING but I would NOT want to receive this as a Christmas Card. Looks like they are heading to a funeral. I would've chosen another picture for a Christmas Card. This picture would have been perfect if they were just to SMILE.

What are your thoughts?

See behind-the-scenes photos at Celebuzz

Another critic calls it....

The Kardashian’s Masonic Christmas Card (via http://vigilantcitizen.com)
 (and says...)

Let me point your attention towards the floor. The type of floor I discussed over and over again.
Of the cards, Khloe says on her blog that “our card this year might be my favorite” while Kim found the shoot special because of “a new addition to the family… little Mason!”

Let me just point out that the pic DOES NOT prove that the family members are into Freemasonry (the brotherhood). It proves they are part of the Illuminati entertainment business, which uses Masonic symbolism as a code. Those are two different things.

Original posting can be found at http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=5988

Teena Marie's Last Interview (video)

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Yesterday (December 26, 2010) soul legend Teena Marie died in her home. The artist possibly passed away due to a grand mal seizure while taking a nap. In tribute, Blacktree.TV uploaded their interview with Ms. Marie, believed to be her final recorded interview. Speaking on TV One’s red carpet, the ‘Queen of Ivory Soul’ praised rap newcomer Drake and Lil Wayne, spoke on her relationship with Cash Money Records, talked about hip hop icons like EPMD, NWA and KRS-One and shared her opinion on the current hip hop R&B scene. She also introduced her daughter, 19 year old Alia Rose.

Download TEENA MARIE Songs:
Teena Marie on Itunes--->
Download Teena Marie mp3s--->

Teena Marie Died During Sunday Nap

Teena Marie's death could have been caused by a grand mal seizure while taking a nap ... sources tell TMZ.

As we previously reported, Tina suffered a grand mal seizure a month before her death. Close family friends tell us Tina has suffered other seizures, but the grand mal shook her up badly. We're told she had broken two ribs after falling during that seizure.

We're told the L.A. County Coroner's Office found diazepam -- an antiseizure drug -- at Teena's home, but friends say she had stopped taking the medicine because of side effects and began taking herbal remedies instead.

Continue reading... click here

Credits: http://www.soulculture.co.uk & worldstarhiphop.com


R.I.P Teena Marie

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Who is Teena Marie?
March 5, 1956- December 26, 2010

'Lovergirl' Singer Teena Marie Dead at 54

Grammy nominated singer Teena Marie -- once known as Rick James' protégée -- died in her sleep last night at the age of 54 ... TMZ has confirmed with Teena's rep Lynn Jeter.News still developing...


No white artist has sung R&B more convincingly than Teena Marie, whose big, robust vocals are so black-sounding that when she was starting out, some listeners wondered if she was a light-skinned African-American. Marie grew up in west Los Angeles in a neighborhood that was nicknamed "Venice Harlem" because of its heavy black population. The singer/songwriter/producer was in her early twenties when, around 1977, she landed a job at Motown Records. It was at Motown that she met her mentor and paramour-to-be, Rick James, who ended up doing all of the writing and producing for her debut album of 1979, Wild and Peaceful. That LP, which boasted her hit duet with James, "I'm Just a Sucker for Your Love," didn't show Marie's picture — so many programmers at black radio just assumed she was black. When her second album, Lady T, came out, much of the R&B world was shocked to see how fair-skinned she was. But to many of the black R&B fans who were eating her music up, it really didn't matter — the bottom line was she was a first-rate soul singer whose love of black culture ran deep.

By her third album, 1980's gold Irons in the Fire, Marie was doing most of her own writing and producing. That album boasted the major hit "I Need Your Lovin'," and Marie went gold again with her next album, It Must Be Magic (which included the major hit "Square Biz"). It Must Be Magic turned out to be her last album for Motown, which she had a nasty legal battle with. Marie got out of her contract with Motown, and the case ended up with the courts passing what is known as "The Teena Marie Law" — which states that a label cannot keep an artist under contract without putting out an album by him or her.
Switching to Epic in 1983, Marie recorded her fifth album, Robbery, and had a hit with "Fix It." In 1984, Marie recorded her sixth album, Starchild, and had her biggest pop hit ever with "Lovergirl." Though Marie had often soared to the top of the R&B charts, "Lovergirl" marked the first time she'd done so well in the pop market. Ironically, Marie was a white singer who had enjoyed little exposure outside the R&B market prior to "Lovegirl."
Three more Epic albums followed: 1986's Emerald City, 1988's Naked to the World (which contained her smash hit "Ooh La La La"), and 1990's Ivory. Unfortunately, Marie's popularity had faded considerably by the late '80s, and Epic dropped her. In 1994, the singer released Passion Play on her own Sarat label. Ten years later, she signed to Cash Money and released La Doña, featuring assistance from Gerald LeVert, Rick James, and MC Lyte. Sapphire followed two years later. Though both La Doña and Sapphire peaked at number three on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, she switched to Stax for her next album, 2009's Congo Square. 

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Artists Spotlight 1

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Everyone always asks what songs do I have on my ipod, computer and phone.
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Kayne's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"download here
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Ciara's "Basic Instinct"download here

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Jacob Latimore's "Like Em All" featuring Diggy Simmonsdownload here
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The OMG Girlz "Haterz" featuring The New Boyzdownload here
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MP3's at CDUniverse.comf.y.e.com 125x125: Your f.y.e.
Download Justin Bieber's latest album My Worlds Acoustic @ Walmart.com

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