Seeking 13-15yr FEMALE artist for record deal ATL ONLY


A-List Talent Management seeking 13-15yr old FEMALE artist who is "proficient" in singing, dancing (choreography) AND acting for a girl group that is ALREADY signed to label!
  • 5'0-5'3 in height (no exceptions)
  • Must know how to sing & dance at a professional level
  • Genre: Hip Hop/ R&B so must be trendy in style and have lots of SWAG
  • Must be free of any contracts with label or management as this group is already signed to both.
  • Must be able to catch on to advance choreography
  • Must RESIDE in Atlanta or surrounding area
Will only conduct business w PARENTS
Kids, Have your PARENTS/gaurdian EMAIL US.
We delete ALL emails coming from children!!!
 Parents/Gaurdians, please email us with the following info:
  1. Child's stats (height, weight and age)
  2. Experience/Resume
  3. Pictures
  4. Videos (links are fine) of child singing AND video of her DANCING
  5. Contact info
Any emails sent by children will be automatically deleted.

Artist development is covered by the label and rehearsals are already taking place in Atlanta, GA with the members we have.

Company info: We are known for developing and breaking in entertainers such as  Dymond Cruz, MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, Royal Flush & more. Our talents have performed / been part of :
  • BET's Hip Hop Awards (2007-2010)
  • Several other award shows (The Source Awards, SESAC, ASCAP, etc...)
  • Maury Povich Show
  • MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew
  • BET 106 & Park
  • Several Music Videos (Lil Wayne, DJ Unk, Soulja Boi, Mike Jones, The Dream and more)
  • Several Movies (Lottery Tickets, Blind Side & more...)
  • TV Shows (Vampire Diaires, Drop Dead Diva, etc...)
If you have AT&T or Comcast, you wont be able to view our website because since AT&T upgraded their system, there has been an IP blockage to our site that has also caused Comcast customers problems viewing our site (since they run on the same wires). AT&T is currently working to resolve this problem. And when they finally do, you can view our site at

In the meantime, you can view our myspace page (which is out of date) but provides more info on who we are and what we have accomplished

Facebook: http://bit.ly/AListTalent
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AListTalent


neisha /mickeymouse said...

hello my name is keineisha smith i was wondering if u guys have an A-list talent management thing in LA because i have been dancing for a while now and never been able to show off wat i can do and i want to be a dancer when i get older and it would mean a lot to mii if u guys did thank you keineisha smith

alisttalent said...

Sorry we dont have an office in LA. We are only based in Atlanta. But keep dancing and NEVER STOP!