ATLANTA- Casting Female Models for Kaleena (of Dirty Money) Listening Party

We are recruiting and seeking beautiful FEMALE models for Kaleena (of Dirty Money) Listening Party and DJ Mixer. Party is on 5/29 in Atlanta from 7pm-10pm . There will be mainly industry people at this event so we are seeking the BEST of the BEST!

Kaleena is putting together a team of people for her upcoming album, events, printwork and tour. So publicists are also invited.
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Models, please send in a headshot and full body picture ASAP to dreamsevents@gmail.com with subject: Kaleena Listening Party.

Entertainment Publicists, please also email dreamsevents@gmail.com to get the address of the event.

Tell them A-List PR Firm sent you!


Petition to Boycott VH1's Basketball Wives and Reality Star, Evelyn Lozada

Disappointed viewers are using their voice to speak up against the BULLYING and VIOLENCE (shown on VH1's "Basketball Wives") and they are being heard loud and clear!
FINALLY!! After 4 seasons of drama & nonsense, viewers are FED UP with the foolery that takes place on VH1's "Basketball Wives." And now there is a petition to boycott the show AND it's bad-tempered cast member "Evelyn Lozada". But it doesnt stop there- they want to boycott Evelyn Lozada all together and is also boycotting her new spinoff show with her fiance, Chad Ochocinco. 
Star Jones from "The View" (who is a respected TV personality) is disgusted with the show and is gathering up support of powerful women to get the show stopped! Also, famous TV talk show host, Wendy Williams stands behind the petition and has already signed it, calling The Basketball Wives...TRASHY!
SponsoredTweets referral badgeViewers were already upset at the BBW's behavior, describing the cast members as childish and an embarrassment to WOMEN. But this season, when Evelyn and her assistant tried to jump co-star Jennifer and Evelyn jumping wildly on top of a table, just to try to get a "lick in" is when viewers got FED UP and said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" And in just 2 hours, the viewer ratings dropped significantly from 1.7 Million to 800,000 views. 
Here is an excerpt from the petition (that is now circulating the internet):
“Evelyn Lozada is a bully. The violence on ‘Basketball Wives’ is horrible and disgraceful.  This is not a hate petition against Eveyln Lozada. We simply will not support violence. It hurts to see violence amongst women on television for entertainment purposes. It is not OK for women to hit each other on TV.
Boycott "Basketball Wives" & "Evelyn Lozada": Don't support Evelyn Lozada's spinoff show "EV And OCHO" on VH1 
Just about every altercation and argument on the show has involved Evelyn in some way, shape or form. From the yelling match on the season 4 premier against her former bestie, Jen, to the table climbing and hair pulling in the last couple of episodes, the woman has a problem for reals."
Star Jones took it to twitter and expressed/ tweeted her feelings about the show:
“It may be ‘comfortable’ to be quiet when women of color slap the crap out of each other & run across tables barefoot, but #ENOUGHisENOUGH."
“About to put together a group of sisters to finally ‘tell the truth’ about the image of women of color in the media.”
Star Jones then tweets, defending Jennifer's decision to call the cops (which I also felt that she should do)... 
"And the thought that the woman from #BBW who was smacked doesn't have the RIGHT to file assault charges is LUDICROUS! You NEVER give up your right not to have your ‘person’ intentionally assaulted unless you are participating in an agreed physical activity.
…little black girls deserve more than what we're giving! It sickens me when young sis think that behavior is acceptable. U can't get a REAL JOB acting like an animal."
With over 29k+ signatures on the petition, big companies such as Burger King and Summer's Eve, pulled their ads from the TV Show. I'm sure they didnt want consumers to think they support bullying and violence the show was promoting.

I admit, I signed the petition too! Whether or not the reality stars were acting "EXTRA" to boost ratings, their actions are sending one message to viewers- that it's okay to lay your hands on someone who makes you mad and it's ok to pick on people. How can we tell kids that bullying is wrong if GROWN UPs are bullying too? 

If the petition goes ignored, it will have most thinking that celebrities have special rights to bully others. If our voices are heard, it will send a message that BULLYING and VIOLENCE will not be tolerated and those who are guilty, will suffer the consequences of their actions- even celebrities.

What are your thoughts? 

PRs Needed for Pro-bono Work for Afghan Women's Writing Project & Wardford Foundation

Hi everyone.

There has been so many inquiries from those who want to work with our company and put their skills to work. Unfortunately, we are not hiring and have a long intern waiting list. HOWEVER, we do have leads that I hope you would be interested in.

Because our company limits itself to so many probono projects each year, we are unable to assist with the following great programs and hope that you can volunteer your services to them:
  1. Afghan Women's Writing Project- AWWP pairs women in Afghanistan with professional women writers (here in the States) for secure online writing workshops.
  2. The Warford Foundation -a non-profit organization (registered in Maryland) that was created to assist military widows and single mothers through financial assistance in their pursuit of successfully completing nursing program

Afghan Women's Writing Project
A fellow PR recently had to step down from her volunteer position as their PR advisor so we hope someone out there can help. This will be a great opportunity for new PRs who wants to build their resume and credibility. It's really an amazing and well-ran organization.

Website: www.awwproject.org 


The former PR has helped out in the following areas so this will give you an idea of where to pick up where she left off: 

  • press outreach
  • responding to reporter inquiries
  • and developing overall communications strategy
If you're interested or even just curious about how you might lend a hand, please contact Susan Solomon at <sussol@gmail.com>.

The Warford Foundation
They are also seeking the same scope of work. Because this foundation is fairly new, they will probably also need the following:
  • a media kit
  • an updated press release
  • someone who is able to assist with fundraisers and events
  • etc... 
I think the best candidate to assist them should be someone who is familiar with military and military media- to get them in their publications and can get them involved at military events (at least set up a table with their info). 

Here is a recent article our company has written for them: http://alistprfirm.blogspot.com/2012/05/retired-soldiermother-helps-military.html

If you are interested in volunteering your services for The Warford Foundation, please email  info@thewarfordfoundation.org

Please share this information to any PRs you know. 

Thank you so much!

Sandy Thompson
A-List PR Firm


Retired Soldier/MOTHER Helps Military Widows and Single Mothers Go Back To School

Because today is Mother's Day, I felt it appropriate to tell the world about this amazing woman/ mother who is on a mission to help OTHER mothers (specifically military widows & single mothers). 

As if fighting for and serving our country for 20 long years wasn't enough, Ms. Warford (founder of The Warford Foundation and retired US ARMY soldier) hasn't stopped serving there. She continues to serve our community and works hard to help those whose significant others/spouses fought and died to protect us! 

Her mission is not to give hand outs or handicap these women by not making them work for what they need. Instead, her mission is to give them something priceless- a higher education; a degree; knowledge that will help them succeed in life!

These women's husbands / kids' dads gave their lives to protect our country & to protect us. The least we can do is help the families (our soldiers/heroes left behind) by helping them become self-sufficient. We can all help by making monetary donations, becoming a volunteer and/or simply by spreading the word so that we can reach those who can benefit from this cause.

(Please read below)

The Warford Foundation
Helping Single Mothers & Military Widows Continue Their Education

The Warford Foundation (TWF) is a non-profit organization (registered in Maryland) that was created to assist military widows and single mothers through financial assistance in their pursuit of successfully completing nursing program. 

The founder, Parthenia Warford is known to have a soft spot when it came to helping those who are less fortunate. Specifically, she has a special connection with single mothers, as she was one raising two daughters, while she was in the U.S army for 20 years.  

Ms. Warford served her country honorably from 1981 to 2002. A retired US Army soldier, she is too familiar with the plight of the military spouse. She knows the impact of having a spouse serving their country (fighting this Nation's war) one day and then being told the next day, "You're [now] a widow with children." This life altering event is devastating to anyone and a military wife (or single mother) with limited job skills is left to pick up the pieces to provide the best way she can for her family. With this concern, Ms. Warford started TWF, to give hope to these women (who are often forgotten about after the funerals and other military rituals) and to let them know that they are not alone.

"Our hope is that it will help them to contribute to society in an area of critical need - [nursing]; while also increasing their sense of purpose and ability to become more self-sufficient." ~Parthenia Warford

The mission of TWF is to expand these opportunities to these women by increasing self sufficiency through scholastic growth and achievement. In order to continue to help them obtain an associates degree in nursing, TWF (who is IRS 501(3)c approved) relies on donations and often hosts various events/ fundraisers. The proceeds obtained will go directly toward Project Impact Scholars fund, which was established specifically for this cause. 

For more information and to learn how you can be a part of this cause, please visit http://thewarfordfoundation.org/ or email info@thewarfordfoundation.org.


AirBnB Hiring Freelance PHOTOGRAPHERS Worldwide

A popular website (known world-wide), AirBnB is currently hiring freelance photographers  worldwide to work remotely.

  • Calling Professional Photographers Worldwide! Airbnb is currently hiring experienced photographers for freelance work around the world.
  • Those with a background in real estate or architectural photography are preferred. However, we will consider applicants with exceptional experience in other types of photography, provided that the portfolio showcases professional skills in composition, lighting, and technique.
  • Photographers are hired to cover their local region. This is not a position that includes travel beyond the immediate area of the photographerʼs home.
  • Basic English skills are required.

To be considered for the job, please fill out the online application-> Click HERE.

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About AirBnB:
Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 19,000 cities and 192 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.

Established: August 2008
Headquarters: San Francisco
Offices: San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Moscow, Hamburg, Berlin, Milan

More Info:


Peachtree City, GA >Summer Adventure Camps One Day Discount Offer

PTC Summer Adventure Camps One Day Discount Offer!

The Peachtree City Recreation and Special Events Department is pleased to announce "One Final Discount Day" for PTC Summer Adventure Camps, TripTackular Camps, and Teen Trip Camps! Save $20 off each week you sign up for! (excluding Pre/Post Camp)

The one day discount is at GLENLOCH RECREATION CENTER 601 Stevens Entry (Corner of Bridlepath and Stevens Entry, the building next to the Glenloch Pool and Soccer Fields).

The discount must be done IN PERSON between 9am and 3pm SATURDAY MAY 19TH and Discounts are only available first come first served basis. Some weeks may fill up before the discount day so space is limited and not guaranteed.
If you have any questions feel free to email asivertsen@peachtree-city.org or call Glenloch Recreation Center between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday at (678)489-7763

Discount not valid online, and not valid on previous registrations before 5/19, or after 3pm on 5/19.

More Info, click here

Peachtree City Recreation and Special Events Department
202 Fieldhouse Drive
Peachtree City, GA


How To Make $1,000 a month from a Blog with Only 1,000 Page views per month

You blog. You Profit. Sign up for SocialSpark!

You don't need a lot of traffic to make money by blogging. You just need to maximize the amount of money you make on your current traffic.
Take for example, the blog running Google Ads. On average those ads net $1 to $2 CPM. That means you'll make a buck or two when the ad is shown 1,000 times. Considering that many blog don't even get 1,000 page views a month, and you can see why I'm not so big on Google Ads anymore. 
Luckily, there are ad networks that pay a lot more than Google, and by far the most profitable ad network for low traffic blogs is Social Spark.

What Is Social Spark?
SponsoredTweets referral badgeSocial Spark allows bloggers to monetize their blogs with sponsored content. Most of the time, this content is done with a blog post, but there are also sponsored videos and social media campaigns as well. Social Spark is ideal for low traffic blogs because the effective CPM is extremely high.
What's great about Social Spark is that they are always dealing with very high quality and well-known brands. You will actually be writing about content and services that you enjoy using and writing about. Disney and Sears have been some of the huge brands making the most out of their partnerships with Social Spark.

How To Make Money with Social Spark 
  1. Sign Up
    Create a profile in SocialSpark.
  2. Add Properties
    Link your blog to SocialSpark. You will then be asked to authorize Google Analytics and Direct Publishing on one of their supported platforms.
  3. Browse Marketplace
    SocialSpark provides you with Offers and Leads from Advertisers, collectively known as Opportunities. Each Opportunity details what the Advertiser would like you to blog about and how many SocialSpark Points you can earn. You can accepte the terms of these Opportunities as defined by the Advertiser or negotiate terms.
  4. Write Your Post
    Once you have found an Opportunity you like you, write a blog post within SocialSpark. Your post is submitted back to the advertiser for approval.
  5. Get Paid
    Once your post is approved it is published to your blog via Direct Publishing. After 30 days, you are paid your points. You can convert your points directly in to cash and receive payment via PayPal.
How Much Can You Make with Social Spark?

The great thing about Social Spark is it's not very traffic dependent. I would get paid the same amount to write about Disney as a blog with less than 1,000 page view per month. Obviously, this is not fair (you can negotiate a higher rate) and it's the reason you hardly see any Social Spark posts on my blog. 
For the low traffic blog, Social Spark is a gold mine. I've seen many blogs with less than 1,000 page views per month making $100 to $1,000 per month off the network. This is worlds away from the $1 to $2 you would make off Google AdSense. 
Give Social Spark a try and watch your blog income reach new heights. Have a great week!

(this email was sent to me by J.Chow)

Bad Girls Club casting girls 2012

Audition and Casting Call in 2012

Bad Girls Club - Oxygen
Are you a bad girl and you don’t care who knows it? When you walk into the club do heads turn and all eyes fall on you? The Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club is looking ofr a new crop of 7 “Bad Girls” to live it up mansion style for three months and run wild through the big city in it’s all new season and this is your chance to be a part of it.
In 2006 the producers of MTV’s The Real World decided to shake up their formula and put seven of the baddest girls they could find under one roof and reality television has never been the same. Bad Girls Club has seen some of the most wild women of all time walk through it’s doors and this season they are ready to take it to the next level. Bad Girls club is searching the country for their most extreme cast ever. If you are a natural leader that always runs the show, the prettiest girl in the room who has the best clothes and jewelry or a girl who loves to party but hesitate to represent if things get heated the BGC wants you! if you were born a bad girl now is the time to show America that you were born to be on Bad Girls Club.
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This is the show where you can be who you are – be as bad as you want to be. BGC gives you the choice, live peacefully with your “bad” roommates or be a true Bad Girl and let the chips fall where they may. So who are you going to be in the BGC? Will you go solo and try to run the show? Will you form a group to eliminate a roommate you can’t take? 
Are you ready to be the HBIC of the BGC? Casting is starting soon so act now. See if you have what it takes to stand tall as the baddest girl in the Bad Girls Club!
For more information on Bad Girls Club: http://bad-girls-club.oxygen.com/ 
Options on How to apply: Online | Submit a Tape | Go to Open Castings (below)
Rules: Minimum age to apply is 21
Open Casting Calls:
No appointment necessary! Just walk in. Please bring photo ID & recent photos
  • San Bruno, CA:
    When: Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 10am-5:00PM
    Where: Hooters of San Bruno, 1150 El Camino Real #210, San Bruno CA, 94066

(More cities will be added when solidified- check back often)