Retired Soldier/MOTHER Helps Military Widows and Single Mothers Go Back To School

Because today is Mother's Day, I felt it appropriate to tell the world about this amazing woman/ mother who is on a mission to help OTHER mothers (specifically military widows & single mothers). 

As if fighting for and serving our country for 20 long years wasn't enough, Ms. Warford (founder of The Warford Foundation and retired US ARMY soldier) hasn't stopped serving there. She continues to serve our community and works hard to help those whose significant others/spouses fought and died to protect us! 

Her mission is not to give hand outs or handicap these women by not making them work for what they need. Instead, her mission is to give them something priceless- a higher education; a degree; knowledge that will help them succeed in life!

These women's husbands / kids' dads gave their lives to protect our country & to protect us. The least we can do is help the families (our soldiers/heroes left behind) by helping them become self-sufficient. We can all help by making monetary donations, becoming a volunteer and/or simply by spreading the word so that we can reach those who can benefit from this cause.

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The Warford Foundation
Helping Single Mothers & Military Widows Continue Their Education

The Warford Foundation (TWF) is a non-profit organization (registered in Maryland) that was created to assist military widows and single mothers through financial assistance in their pursuit of successfully completing nursing program. 

The founder, Parthenia Warford is known to have a soft spot when it came to helping those who are less fortunate. Specifically, she has a special connection with single mothers, as she was one raising two daughters, while she was in the U.S army for 20 years.  

Ms. Warford served her country honorably from 1981 to 2002. A retired US Army soldier, she is too familiar with the plight of the military spouse. She knows the impact of having a spouse serving their country (fighting this Nation's war) one day and then being told the next day, "You're [now] a widow with children." This life altering event is devastating to anyone and a military wife (or single mother) with limited job skills is left to pick up the pieces to provide the best way she can for her family. With this concern, Ms. Warford started TWF, to give hope to these women (who are often forgotten about after the funerals and other military rituals) and to let them know that they are not alone.

"Our hope is that it will help them to contribute to society in an area of critical need - [nursing]; while also increasing their sense of purpose and ability to become more self-sufficient." ~Parthenia Warford

The mission of TWF is to expand these opportunities to these women by increasing self sufficiency through scholastic growth and achievement. In order to continue to help them obtain an associates degree in nursing, TWF (who is IRS 501(3)c approved) relies on donations and often hosts various events/ fundraisers. The proceeds obtained will go directly toward Project Impact Scholars fund, which was established specifically for this cause. 

For more information and to learn how you can be a part of this cause, please visit http://thewarfordfoundation.org/ or email info@thewarfordfoundation.org.

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