Lobbyist of Nevada Legislature BASHES over-weight teens!

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THIS Lobbyist of Nevada Legislature, sent me an email regarding OUR PROGRAM TO HELP OVER-WEIGHT TEENS.

This is what Denny Weddle SAID:
"Are you serious? WHY would you support FAT girls! Get thin and support yourself AND help yourself with a longer life!!!! Get a life-- I'm not far because I work at NOT being a slob--get it!!!!"

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Denny Weddle denny@dwacorp.com
He owns an Advertising Agency in Las Vegas and a PR Firm. He claims he is on seven non-profit boards, Chairman of many.

I wonder how many of his clients are over-weight and how they feel about him calling them slobs (by referring to over-weight people as SLOBS). I also wonder what NON-PROFIT he is part of and how they will feel about a man like him sitting on their board. How can you sit on the board of non-profits if you are bashing teenagers or those part of the community. OVER 1/3 of America is over-weight and over-weight consumers are AMERICA'S #1 CONSUMERS!!!

His response was in regards to an email I sent, which can be read here . I dont know how or why he was in our mailing list but I was sure to immediately delete him due to his bashing.

"It's people like him that make us HAVE TO EMPOWER these young women even more!!" ~Manulani K

His email response was uncalled for and I am appalled that he would BASH a program that helps TEENAGERS. I am also FURIOUS that he would bash these girls and pretty much the plus-size community! This is the REASON why we came up with our program.

MEDIA and bloggers...TAKE THIS AND RUN WITH IT! I'll fwd u the email

More information about our program, can also be found here

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NeNe Favors said...

I am absolutely FURIOUS and offended!!!!! My mother's sister used to talk about me that way; I'm the only plus kid in the family. Although I'm in my 30s now, I still cry from the things she told me as a child, teen & young adult. These people don't realize that what they're saying & doing are forms of bullying & can potentially scare these youngsters for LIFE. Although I'm doing well as a model, entrtainer & public figure, I STILL deal with self esteem issues due to ignorant people like this guy. SMH. Such a shame. -@NeneFavors