BREAKING NEWS: Celebrity Hairstylist Dariel Pulliam Dies =(

R.I.P Dariel- You are ALREADY missed!
If you didn’t know him by his name your knew him for his work. Dariel was seen on BET’s “Keyshia Cole-The Way It Is”, ‘Tears Shears and Beauty” and “Frankie and Neffe Show

I tend not to believe statuses on twitter because twitter can be so cruel nowadays. Folks start pranks about people's death and start trends RIP-ing people while they are alive and well. So when my friend called me to notify me of this possible prank/ rumor, I was HEATED and pissed, thinking "How dare anyone RIP the sweetest person in this world!!" I was ready to go off & verbally abuse the person who started this prank about Dariel's death. Then unfortunately, I found out that it wasn't a rumor; its not a prank and my heart is now soooo broken. :*(

Our sweet friend left us this morning & his death was caused by a staph infection. =(

I am distraught, shocked and literally in chills!! Just a few weeks ago we were partying at Carlysia Leverts Bday party and now he's gone????? I cant even fatham the thought. He was just as beautiful as he can be that night. He didnt look sick; he didnt act sick and just LIKE THAT, he's passed; he's gone because all along... he was sick. =(

And as hard as it is for me to swallow this reality, what tears me up inside is imaging what my assistant, J. Lee (pictured) is going through. Dariel is Jonathon's best friend / brother. He loved him as if they were from the same blood. I remember always hearing about Dariel and couldnt wait to meet him. And when I finally did, I knew instantly why Jonathon loved & adored him...I mean, who couldn't????? He was one of the sweetest person one can ever meet!

Death confirmed by : According to Tionna Smalls, celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist Dariel Pulliam, who appeared on TV’s ‘What Chilli Wants 2,’ has passed away from an undisclosed illness. ~SandraRose.com

Please pray for his family & friends affected by his death. It is such a tragedy to lose such a sweet genuine person. It's bad enough that there are not enough good in this world and its devastating knowing that God decided to take one back.

Dariel has always been an Angel on earth and now, he is an Angel above. R.I.P MY SWEET LOVELY!
I'm so sick and tired of the world's ignorance! For you ignorant bastards...just because a gay man passes, does not mean that his illness was sexually contracted! And FYI- aids is NOT a gay man's disease!!! He passed from "STAPH INFECTION" which could've been contracted so many other ways!!!

Who is Dariel Pullian? Here is a good write about about him, click here to read

Let's not allow Dariel's death to go in vain. Let's LEARN from it. Everyone please be careful....I've heard of "Staph infection before but I never realized it could be deadly. I did a research and its scary to know that it can even pass through air.

Can you die from the staph infection?

It is possible, but it's more likely that you will recover from it. It can be treated with a topical or oral antibiotic. I have heard of people washing their skin with a very dilluted solution of water and bleach, because they were allergic to the antibiotics.

Staph is usually a mild infection that can be easily treated and cured. However, there is a strain of the staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics. This strain can progress to a life-threatening infection.

Staph is contagious and can be passed through the air, through direct contact, or by touching something that has been touched by an infected person. You can prevent it with frequent hand-washing (before and after cooking and eating, after using the bathroom, etc.), by daily bathing, and by c leaning and treating injuries as they occur.

Read more: Click here
Another article -->staph infection

His family is accepting donations to give him a proper burial. Please donate what you can...even if its just a dollar.
Cynthia Brown | PO Box 47001 | Windsor Mill, MD 21244

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