Atlanta Has The Most Laziest Entertainers I know...

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It's crazy how so many entertainers in Atlanta throw pissy fits like little girls when major directors only go to NY or LA to cast for principal roles and Atlanta only gets the "extra" roles in major films. I've heard actors get mad and say, "It's not fair that they come to Atlanta, take advantage of Georgia's tax break for film productions but dont use any Georgia residents for principal roles." I, too was a little upset about this until I spoke to one of the directors and it made so much sense to me.

The reason directors dont hire actors here in Atlanta is because entertainers here are so lazy. Atlanta is the most "I want this & I want that" but "I wont do what I have to do to get & deserve this & that!" My director friend said when he did a casting here in Atlanta, there were people wrapped around the building for over several hours. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people came to the casting and ONLY 2% of Atlanta residents had themselves together. Majority of the people who came to audition that live in Atlanta
  • had no professional head shots
  • their resume consist of nothing but extra work (which should not even be mentioned on an actors main part of the resume. It should be mentioned in the training area if mentioned at all)
  • HARDLY ANY actors took any acting lessons. If they did, they took it for a good week or two then stopped.
  • And MOST didnt have any experience or training, no resume, no head shots and just thought they can just WALK IN & make it to Hollywood. smdh
I also spoke to someone who did a Disney casting here and he mentioned the exact same. Except, he had to add... Hardly anyone who auditioned took any vocal lessons & the part they were casting for required the actor to SING.

Actors in LA & NY consider entertainment THEIR LIFE! People all the way from Canada, pack up & MOVE to LA/NY. When they get there, they bust their butts, working LONG HOURS at their job just to pay for their acting and vocal classes. Need I remind you, classes in LA/NY are far more expensive than here in Atlanta, GA.

I noticed that people (especially music Artists) move here to Atlanta, SIT ON THEIR BUTTS and expect someone to sign them. They claim they don't have money to invest in classes/lessons but they have money to go shopping and buy expensive clothing & jewelry!! They WONT (not cant) invest in artist development, backup dancers and EVERYTHING important to advance in their careers. They sit around, go to the open mics and expect to be discovered.

Sorry...I got sidetracked! Back to the casting directors...as they mentioned, "Movies are a HUGE INVESTMENT & they spend 6 FIGURES on just ONE FILM, therefore, they cannot take the risk of hiring untrained, inexperienced (basically...whack) actors for their productions." Why should they come to Atlanta, waste their time & not find NOT ONE actor that is worth the money when they can go to LA/NY and have so many options to choose from???

Atlanta...get yourself together! You cant expect big money & roll with the big dogs if you are doing amateur things. Do you know what you are competing against? And if you think "your looks" will get you far, you must have not been to LA/NY where most of the beautiful people are!

A HUNGRY entertainer has a full time job & majority of his pay check (outside of living expenses) goes to his training. Because HE KNOWS that his hard work and training WILL PAY OFF! He knows what he is competing against and will do ANYTHING to BE ONE OF THE BEST. He will sacrifice expensive clothing, expensive cars & going to the clubs to save his money to invest in his CRAFT!

A LAZY entertainer is the total opposite. Don't think because you are in the studio all day that YOU LIVE music. Get some artist development and prove to the record labels that you are a go-getter; that you take initiative! Even Beyonce up to this day, still takes dance & vocal lessons! And I KNOW...you are NOT better than her!

Bottom line... NO ONE WILL TAKE ATLANTA serious if Atlanta entertainers don't take their craft serious. It's one thing to say "MUSIC/ACTING is my life" It's another to actually mean it & LIVE it! Invest in yourselves; invest in your craft and give directors/labels a reason to be impressed with you and your resume.

For all the entertainers in Atlanta who actually do take lessons & LIVES for their craft...GREAT JOB! Keep on pushing...all your hard work & days struggling will ALL PAY OFF! All the clothes & fancy cars you sacrificed, you will one day be able to get/afford more than 10+ cars & will get endorsements for clothing!!

INVEST IN YOURSELVES or no one else will!

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