(VIDEOS) Royal Flush hosting concert in THE FLORIDA KEYS

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This past weekend was definitely a blessing. Our client flew all 8 of us (Royal
Flush Dance Crew members & myself, their manager) to The Florida Keys. And
although we travel often, from coast to coast, this was by far the most relaxing
trip ever. Maybe I'm just not too excited to see any more buildings, more
skylines, the usual city life. So this trip DEFINITELY was a breath of fresh

This was a business trip but aside from us loving our jobs and love doing
what we do, the beautiful Island itself made this seem like a VACATION! From the
beach front property with its own private beach as a back yard, to its private
boat parked in the ocean and to seeing my talents grow into such
ENTERTAINERS....this indeed was a blessing to me. Not to mention that EVERYONE
on the island were so welcoming & incredibly nice to us. Yup, I couldn't have
asked for a better trip.

Anyways, this was the FIRST TIME I had ever seen Royal Flush host a show.
Most of the times, they get hired to perform a dance routine and then leave the
stage right after. So when our client asked us to do an hour show, I just
thought it was dancing here and there for an hour. But when they asked if RF can
HOST IT.... I grew a little worried because they've never done that before.
After mentioning this to Aaron, the founder of RF, he said so
confidentally..."YEAH!! WE CAN DO THAT!" But even the sound of his confident
voice didnt put me at ease. I dont know...I guess its the Virgo in me- I have to
see it to believe it! lol



But as you can see...they put their heads together and the fact that they are
all naturally funny and talk a lot of mess lol, this was like second nature to
them. With every joke they made & every remark that made me laugh, I was sooo
proud of them & kept thinking to myself, "I AM THE MANAGER OF THAT CREW!!!" Our
clients couldnt have picked a better group to add fun & excitement to any

Judge for yourself by watching the video below. Of course, a lot was cut out
because it was a long show and Youtube only allows 15minutes per video. But you
willl be able to see the main parts.


On behalf of Royal Flush & myself, I would like to personally thank Dave &
Stephanie for inviting us out to host & be part of your show. I definitely want
to thank you for your hospitality and making this the BEST BUSINESS TRIP EVER!
We look forward to coming back in the near future and execute the ideas we
already discussed!!

Special thanks to Jennifer who welcomed us to her home and shared everything
in it!! Jennifer has got to be one of the smartest earthlings alive. lmao I
learned more from her than I have learned from all my lifetime friends put
together! We already miss her =(

Special thanks to the parents and the children that attended not only the
workshop but also the concert. I had a great time seeing all the talents in that
little island. (Everyone can flip...even the parents! lol) Continue to learn
your craft and when we get back, we will be sure to teach you some of our ATL



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