Why should I buy your product?

Everyone loves a deal.

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Pretty much all of us get sucked in at one point or another if we feel we can get a deal on something and save money. We buy things we don’t need or don’t even want, the usual rules of making a sensible and calculated purchase go out the window and we get taken over by the urge to grab a bargain. Just look at Groupon, for those who haven’t used this service it’s pretty straight forward – you tell Groupon what area you live in and every day they send you a deal/bargain on a product/service in your area. That deal might be on a beauty treatment, teeth whitening or lunch for two, and it’s a popular service, one which has given Groupon a recent valuation in the $Billions.

So how can you apply this back into your online business? If you have a product or service you offer online then make it more attractive. Start working on giving a visitor to your Website more reasons to purchase now and not think about the purchase and come back later, later = never. How can you improve your offer? Perhaps bundling in some extra support, a discount on a related product or a free product. Free products are easy to put together, lets say your main product is Golf Balls. Now how many golfers actually know why one golf ball is better than another? Why should I spend twice as much on one brand, and why are there different balls for longer distance or more spin. With some simple research (Or better still outsource it) you could easily put together a great ebook explaining this, maybe even a couple of short videos – and THAT is a product worth something. That can now act as your offer, buy 3 boxes of X brand golf balls this month and get a free copy of “Get to know your balls” !!

If you’ve been offering the same product at the same price without any new growth in sales then try improving your offer with added benefits and add a reason that offer must be taken now (i.e. “Offer ends midnight” or “only open to first 10 customers”)

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