People BE DIFFERENT with your promotional items!!!

I was browsing online and seen this very DIFFERENT type of personalized promo. Im personally sick of the same ole promo items like hats that I will NEVER WEAR, T-shirts I wouldn't dare get caught wearing, magnets I dont even look at, etc...


The guests at your next special occasion will love the gift of free music downloads from Just Tunes Music. I MEAN...WHO DOESNT LIKE MUSIC??? Personalized with your image/logo on the card, they'll have a terrific keepsake to remind them of your outstanding party event. Just Tunes Music cards are ideal for any party!


JUST TUNES Banner 2 - Perfect Party Favor

I think it would be sooooo cool to have as a

  • Party Favor (ESPECIALLY for Sweet 16 parties)
  • for an artist, it would be cool to give fans as a gift or even resell it online
  • etc...
Its cool; its different!!
Not your typical business cards or party favors that your friends will just THROW AWAY!! That's a waste of money if you ask me.

If you provide fans/friends/customers with something useful...they will KEEP IT and if its in their possession and they hold on to it, your name/company will stick in their heads. Not to mention...if you give this to teens, they will think its EXTRA cool!

So for the next event/party/occasion you have and you want to do it big and different, I really think you should consider getting these cards. I know I will!

JUST TUNES Banner 2 - Party Favors

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