Launching of *DYMOND JAZZEL's* Networking Site

Congrats to our client, Dymond Jazzel Cruz, for launching her first networking site.

Who is Dymond Jazzel? Dymond is one of the youngest, most talented entertainers in the WORLD- yes...I said THE WORLD. She has a huge fan base here in the USA and abroad (Europe, Asia, etc..) She started in this industry as a dancer at the tender age of 9. Now, the age of 13, Dymond is in the studio currently going thru artist development and preparing herself as a singing artist. She was blessed enough to get her first record deal with entertainment guru, Marvin "Marvelous" McIntyre. She is an all around entertainer who is proficient in dancing, singing, acting, rapping and modeling...THE TOTAL PACKAGE! And is also part of the A Honor Roll in school.

Below are JUST a few of what Dymond has done and has been featured in:
  • Lil Wayne's Leather So Soft Video
  • BET Hip Hop Awards (performed with Swizz Beatz & Cassidy)
  • The Maury Show - Top 10 Most Talented Kids in the World
  • Few videos with B.o.B, Soulja Boi, DJ Unk, Mike Jones and more...
  • Live in concert with Raz-B
  • The Source Awards
  • Featured in a few magazines (BASIC Magazine, HOT Block Magazines, BE Entertained Magazine, etc...)
  • Lottery Tickets starring Bow Wow
  • and more (view here)

Upon discussing a new networking site, we automatically thought of starting her a FAN PAGE. But Dymond said she didnt want to make it all about HER; that there are tons of other kids/teens who are just as talented. So she wanted it to be about FANS OF THE ARTS (of entertainment)

"Most of my fans/supporters and I have so much in common. And the ONE major thing we have in common is our love for the arts. I've been able to capture my fans/ supporters attention because I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to explore the arts & get noticed by the world for doing so." ~Dymond Cruz

Therefore, our team created this site for networking opportunities. This is a site where people of all ages, genders, race can join, as all members will have that ONE THING in common with each other- they all love music, dance, modeling and/or acting. This is a great spot for artists/entertainers worldwide to upload their videos and possibly get a bigger fan base. Because there is ONE THING that we know for sure is...DYMOND HAS SOME OF THE MOST LOYAL SUPPORTIVE FANS. And if you are talented enough, you might also gain them as your supporters as well.

People from all over the world has contacted us and sent NUMEROUS OF EMAILS expressing how when they first seen Dymond dance, she really inspired them to get up and do something. These emails were from men, ladies, boys, girls as young as 4 to as mature as 50! They said that if such a little girl can get up and face the crowd BY HERSELF with such confidence, they themselves should have the courage to do so as well. THEREFORE, we made Dymond Jazzel the face of this site because she inspires so many people. And we hope that somehow, she will inspire you as well.

Dymond Jazzel Cruz
"An A-List Talent"

Be sure to join her site, build a page and post your videos/pics. You never know who is actually on the site, scouting for more talents.

  • Singers
  • Rappers
  • Actors
  • Models
  • Song-writers
  • Producers
  • Beat-makers/ Music composers
  • Choreographers
  • Dancers
  • Directors
  • Music Video Directors
  • and more...
launched prematurely on 1/3/2011 and already has over 50 members 


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