Dancers: Want go get PAID? Invest in yourself

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(Article copied from: A-List Talent Management)

When I auditioned 4 dancers, I said to my assistant,
"I want him, her & him because they are GOOD. They MUST be TRAINED dancers."
There is a HUGE difference between those who took classes vs. those who never have and ANY PROFESSIONAL in the industry can spot them out. NEEDLESS TO SAY-my judgment was right. After auditions, I did interviews with those who I mentally selected. They named all the classes they were taking and I told them I wasnt surprised because it showed in their performance.

It trips me out that people want to get paid to dance but never took lessons.
  1. WHY would anyone pay a dancer with no experience when your competition is working on their craft DAILY!? 
  2. WHY do you need a manager to take you to the "NEXT" level if you haven't even begun to take the FIRST step to get to Level 1?
  3. WHY would any label or artist pay you to be a backup dancer if the other backup dancers applying for the job has experience and the resume that says she is worth the money -he/she has been professionally trained.
  4. WHY would I have you represent my company when A-List Talent Management is KNOWN to manage the BEST dancers? (We are not a dance school- we dont TRAIN dancers; WE ARE A MANAGEMENT COMPANY- we manage dancers who companies are willing to PAY.)
I understand that not too  many people can afford to take classes and master their craft. HOWEVER, if this is your passion, you would pay for classes instead of paying for bling-bling or expensive shoes that will get you NOWHERE in the industry. Its all about making SACRIFICES!

You are your own commodity. Therefore, you must INVEST in yourself. If you are going to the mall every week to buy expensive NAME BRAND clothing thats like $200 a shirt but you say you dont have the money to pay for classes to invest in yourself...then that tells me ONE THING & ONE THING ONLY: YOU DONT WANT THIS! This is NOT your passion!

Anyways, for those who want to start a career as a dancer and eventually get PAID (professional dancer,) there is a company in ATL who is offering:

$35 for 6 group classes! ONLY $35 which is a GREAT DEAL- you cant beat that price. Value of these classes are $72.00 so you will save tons of money. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER.
Offer ends in 12 hours!

Your competition are taking classes...what are you doing to compete?????

~A-List Talent Management

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