Special Thanks to @carlysialevert & @kaimorae for "DREAMin with us on Trinity Ave"

Click to enlarge | Photo: Kai
Morae (Lisa Raye's daughter), Qn Everlena (founder of "DREAMin On
Trinity Ave") and Carlysia Levert (daughter of Legend Gerald Levert)

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When you think of kids of
A-List Celebrities & ESPECIALLY a musical Legend, you automatically
think..."Snobbish!" But that's probably because you havent had the
pleasure of meeting these humble young ladies-Carlysia Levert and
Kai Morae.

I've known Carlysia for approximately 3-4 years. I
remember meeting her online as she was one of the first few and MAIN
supporters of my daughter,
Dymond. Carlysia was so incredibly NICE to the point where I started
believing that she might be one of these crazy people who make fake
pages of celebrities. Lord knows...my daugther, who was new to the
industry & not even a celebrity, already had a whole bunch of fake
pages & people opening pages acting as tho they were her. So
naturally, I knew that this was a possibility. Dymond LOVED HER some
Carlysia!!! But I had to explain to Dymond not to get her hopes up
high because this is probably someone ACTING like he/she is
Carlysia. I continued to monitor the communication between the two
(Carlysia & Dymond) and was always in disbelief like, "WOW! This is
Gerald Levert's daughter?? 'THEE Gerald Levert?' She seems so
humble (which is rare to find in a child whose parent is a huge star)."

Later that year, we were at For Sisters Only (a huge event in
Atlanta that takes place every year.) And out of nowhere, a sweet
young lady came up to us and introduced herself, "Dymond? Hi, I'm
Carlysia! I think you are such a talented dancer..." That's when my
thoughts/stereo-typing of "snobbish" A-list celebrity kids, went out
the door! I could'nt have imagined a sweeter girl! Her parents did
an amazing job keeping her grounded and humble!

Carlysia's heart is so big & loving! I remember her & I talking
about a non-profit she wanted to start doing. I believe it was
called, "Carlysia's Angels." (I might be wrong so please dont quote
me on this.) But her vision is to gather a bunch of kids and go
around to nursing homes and spend time with the elderly- make them
feel wanted and important again. While most young people her age is
PARTYING & shopping, she is sitting around thinking about people
whose own family has forgotten about! WOW!!! Is that noble or what?
Well, please stay tuned as you will be hearing MORE about Carlysia.
And me being one of her #1 supporters, I will be sure to keep you

Anyways, Im sorry I got a bit side tracked. My intentions for
writing this blog was really to just THANK everyone for coming out
and showing their support. But I couldn't continue without sharing
how her heart is like PURE GOLD. Now back to my intended story....

Everytime I called Carlysia for ANYTHING AT ALL, she always came
out to support me, NO QUESTIONS ASKED...especially if it had to with
helping kids.  And this last time, it was no different. Except
this time, she brought a few friends with her to make the night a
better one. Among the few were...Kai Morae (Lisa Raye's daughter) &
Ray (from College Hill.) And although I didnt have time to REALLY
sit and get to know them, I think I had enough time to establish the
fact that HUMBLE CELEBRITY KIDS HANG TOGETHER!! (I know they are not
kids anymore but you know what I mean!) Kai, Ray, OF COURSE
Carlysia, Wynter (her publicists) and their friends were so sweet
and just warmed up the room with their smiles. NOT TO MENTION...lit
the room up w SEXINESS!!! LOL (not an ugly one out the bunch.) My
assistant just LOVED THEM and the model that Q.E.B hired to
assist/escort them couldn't help but ADORE them as well!

Sooo....on behalf of my company (A-List PR Firm) & my client (Qn
Everlena Brown
) I want to thank ALL OF YOU for coming out,
supporting and donating your appearance to this worthy cause.
Because of kind people like you, we will be able to make a few
kids' wishes come true! Please tell a friend, to tell a friend, to
tell more friends! =)

Thank you Carlysia, Kai, Ray, Wynter & friends

"DREAMin with us on Trinity Ave!"

~Connie Cruz
CEO of "A-List"
A-List PR Firm
A-List Talent Management
A-List For a Change Non-Profit /Pro-Change!

We all have dreams but only a man with a
genuine heart of gold,   DREAMs of helping others! ~Asian Diva  

Special thanks to Tony McDaniel (Miami Dolphins), My staff at A-List PR Firm, Sleep
(Fortress Records), Issa (JIVE), FE Entertainment, Montana da Mac
(hit song "Girls Gone Wild"), D.JoneZ, Dometri Michael, Young and
Talented Magazine, BE Entertained Magazine, Griff 2k, Toni & Griff
Show, Miss JJ, 4o4live.com, Fly Ty the Hypeman
and last but not least...the woman with the VISION & heart to make
this happen...Qn.Everlena Brown!!

We appreciate your support for
the grand opening of DREAMin on Trinity Avenue. Donors like you make
giving a real pleasure!

Our charity of choice: Make-A-Wish GA/AL.

To book Carlysia Levert please contact
To book Kai Morae, please contact
Listen & check out one of our favorite sponsors:
V103's Fly Ty & 404live.com 

They were at the Q.E.B's Grand Launch doing what they do best...
interviewing guests & providing the world with great music!

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