Miami Dolphin's Tony McDaniel on his birthday DREAMin w Us n Trinity Ave

Photo: Venom (FE Entertainment),
Connie Cruz (A-List Mega Produtions), Qn. Everlena (QEB), Tony McDaniel
(Miami Dolphins), and Latrice Bryant (former A-List PR).
The Chocolate Avalanche Cake included strawberry filling topped
with chocolate icing, chocolate dipped strawberries, and nutty
chocolate accents. Check out more photos on Facebook!
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QEB presents birthday cake to Tony McDaniel! 
On Jan. 20, 2011 Our client, QEB surprised NFL Player, Tony McDaniel
with a delicious chocolate strawberry cake at QEB's Official Grand
Launching of "DREAMin on Trinity Ave"... ATL's Block Party with a
Purpose to help raise funds for QEB's selected charity of choice-
Make-A-Wish Foundation GA/AL.

After Mr. McDaniel offered to donate his appearance for this worthy
cause, QEB went online to find pictures of him for the flyers. It
was then when she stumbled across his birthdate and excitedly called
us at here at A-List PR Firm. "Wow, did you know our Grand Launch is
the same day of Tony McDaniel's birthday?" she asked. She continued
to say with such excitement, "I think it would be great if we
surprise him with a birthday cake!!!" We agreed that it would be a
very thoughtful & a sweet thing to do. But, me being the Virgo that
I am, I thought to myself, "Yea right! He probably wont even make
it. He will probably party so hard for his birthday that he will
forget about the event." lol I, of course, was not going to tell her
how I really felt and I didnt dare talk her out of it because
hey....Im no fool! If Mr. McDaniel doesnt show up...I WIN...more
cake for ME! haha 

Well...as you probably figured it out, Mr. McDaniel DID BLESS US
WITH HIS APPEARANCE! And I appreciate him for not only proving me
wrong but for also spending his birthday with us...making a
difference in these kids' lives.

On behalf of our company (A-List PR Firm) and our client QEB, we'd
like to thank you, Tony McDaniel, for ...

"DREAMin with us on Trinity Ave"

Connie Cruz
CEO of "A-List"
A-List PR Firm
A-List Talent Management
A-List For a Change Non-Profit /Pro-Change!

We all have dreams but only a man with a genuine heart of gold,
DREAMs of helping others! ~Asian Diva   

Special thanks to Tony McDaniel (Miami Dolphins), A-List PR Firm,
Sleep (Fortress Records), Issa (JIVE), FE Entertainment, Kai Morae
(Lisa Raye's daughter) , Montana da Mac (hit song "Girls Gone
Wild"), Carlysia Levert (Legendary Gerald Levert's daughter), Ray
from College Hill, D.JoneZ, Dometri Michael, Young and Talented
Magazine, BE Entertained Magazine, Griff 2k, Toni & Griff Show, Miss
JJ, 4o4live.com, Word on The Streets Magazine, Fly Ty the Hypeman
and last but not least...the woman with the VISION & heart to make
this happen...Qn.Everlena Brown!!

We appreciate your support for
the grand opening of DREAMin on Trinity Avenue. Donors like you make
giving a real pleasure! Our charity of choice: Make-A-Wish GA/AL.

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