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Wow Usher really struck Gold when he signed Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber was just a regular ole' kid in Canada who sang and posted himself singing on youtube. 
I remember before Justin was signed or even "KNOWN". I sat at the judges panel at The Unsigned Showcase here in Atlanta, GA. Kenny Hamilton (personality for 95.5 The Beat) & I were sitting side by side as we were two of the judges. This is when my daughter, @dymondjazzel, performed and Kenny said, "WOW, SHE IS GREAT! Does she have a youtube?" I told him that yes she does and she had over 14 million hits. He then said, "You should see this little white boy in Canada! That boy uploaded his video on youtube and in like 1 week, he had over 1million views." Of course I asked who he was and he told me his name was JUSTIN BIEBER.
According to Kenny, there was a battle between record labels and Justin Bieber had soooo many options. Justin Timberlake along with other people wanted to sign Justin Bieber and at the time, Justin was still debating. 

Of course, when Kenny told me about Justin, I was like, "Oh ok..." I wasn't impressed because soooo many people talk but its rare that you actually see people GET FAMOUS...especially THAT FAST! I, ofcourse, went online when I got home and I was said to myself, "WOW THIS KID IS AMAZING! I just hope he picks the right label to push him hard and not let him sit on the shelf!" and less than a year later...JUSTIN BIEBER "The Phenomenon" was born!

Once I heard about this phenomenon on the radios and my kids started talking about Justin Bieber. I immediately called Kenny and said, "WOW...you truly believed in this kid and now look at him! He blew up over night to the point that MY OWN KIDS are already fans." Kenny laughed and said, "I told you! I been telling you...this kid is the TRUTH!" And because Kenny believed in him and stood by him, NOW KENNY is part of Justin Bieber's entourage! I can barely even get a hold of Kenny anymore. 

I guess everything happens for a reason.  The fact that 95.5 THE BEAT (one of Atlanta's popular radio stations) closed down did NOT hurt Kenny Hamilton AT ALL! As a matter of fact, it was nothing short of a blessing because Kenny is having a BALL chilling with Justin Bieber on a daily and is now on his pay roll!!!

Justin Bieber is definitely a phenomenon! He is so big and has such a huge fan base that they now have DOLLS of him! Yes...DOLLS!!! You can find more of his merchandise by

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