Shane Sparks, MTV 'America's Best Dance Crew' judge pleads no contest in sex case

Dang man...that sucks! And I really liked Shane....he was cool! I was hoping it wasnt true and he'd fight it. smdh

Let this be a lesson to every one...just because life is treating you right, doesn't mean that the past wont bite you in the @ss. It sucks when you you're doing well...but IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS when you are doing soooo well that the whole world knows you...then it happens!

His career/life will never be the same. Be cautious of your actions!

Shane Sparks, a judge on MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew," pleaded no contest to a single felony count of having unlawful sex with a minor under 16, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Sparks, a hip-hop choreographer who earned an Emmy nomination for his work on the show, had been facing eight felonies in connection with alleged sex acts.

Under the plea deal approved by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Martin Herscovitz, those counts were dismissed and Sparks agreed to plead no contest to the single felony. He will serve 270 days in jail within the county sometime over the next year and receive five years' probation.

Sparks also must attend 52 sessions of sex-offender counseling and not go near any female minors without an adult present.

Sparks was arrested in December 2009 at his North Hollywood home. Los Angeles police investigators said the choreographer committed multiple lewd acts upon a child, starting in 1994. Police identified the victim as a girl who was under 14 years old when the incidents began.

Original posting: LA Times

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