Hackers trying to get your TWITTER account info! READ & protect your account

I noticed that hackers are trying to get your twitter info.
I received tons of emails "supposedly" from twitter stating that my account was closed or is at risk. These hackers are so DUMB they sent it to one of my emails that I never used on twitter...idiots!

But anyways...just like paypal and twitter scams...DO NOT OPEN THE LINK that is sent on the email. Open up another browser, MANUALLY type in http://www.twitter.com or http://www.paypal.com and IF there is an issue with your account, you will see a notice once you sign in.

AGAIN...DO NOT CLICK on ANY link that is in the email!! It may read something similar to "Click here to log in to your account" DONT DO IT!

Also take a moment to go to your twitter DMs to see messages YOU SENT to others. If you see a bunch of spam you never sent...you've been hacked! Now change your password IMMEDIATELY.

This is the reason I dont check my DMs anymore. It's filled with a bunch of SPAM...from twitter friends who have been hacked. (Hackers log in under your name and blast your friends with DMs about phony products, etc... in attempt to get your friends info)


I tried to send the info to twitter to warn them of this "spoof" email but twitter's customer service sucks!

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