If AIDS statistics do not change, Swaziland, Africa will cease to exist by 2050

"Mission Possible"
Beyond The Game
Swaziland, Africa Mission Trip
Sept 25, 2011

We have partnered with Chanita Foster’s Charity Beyond the Game & others to raise awareness and give support for a mission trip to Swaziland, Africa onSeptember 25, 2011!! Swaziland is one of two small countries within the land mass of South Africa that is about the size of New Jersey with 950,000 people and one of the few remaining African countries run by a King. They will over-night in South Africa and drive 4 hours to Swaziland. Swaziland is a place of GREAT need. If AIDS statistics do not change, the country will cease to exist by 2050.

Here are a few statistics about Swazi:
-The average life expectancy is 28.7 years.
-70% of children will be HIV positive by the time they are age 15
-56% of school age children are not in school because they cannot afford school fees (school is very inexpensive)
-Unemployment rate of 60%
-There are 120,000 orphans - 12.6 of the
-Population HIV infection rate is 44.6%

Despite their horrific circumstances, the Swazi people are gracious and extremely
kind. They are beautiful people. The children are happy and joyful even though
they have little to nothing to live on.

What they will do:
They will be visiting several different Care Points in different stages of development. A care point is a designated land area where orphans go to because they know they will receive a meal each day. Some children walk several miles each way to get to a care point. Some care points have playgrounds; some have a building for cooking, some cook out in the open air. The most developed care point has a building where kids are schooled in. Most are very primitive. They will also have a chance to do some home visits and interact with families in different stages of need.

How can you help?
They are asking for in-kind donations (see list below) and/or a monetary donation. If it’s on your heart you may write a check for the amount God puts on your heart.
Checks can be written to “Beyond The Game” and it is a tax write off!
Checks can be mailed to Beyond the Game Chanita Foster Po Box 311397 Atlanta, GA 31131.
Online donations, click on link: http://www.beyondtgame.com/?page_id=185

During the trip to Swaziland, Africa the Women will host events for the orphans and widows.

The follow is an in-kind list of items being requested.
600 Gift Bags –They can be those recyclable bags, drawstring backpacks… Any form of a bag
600 bars of Soap
600 Wash Cloths
300 Soccer Balls
300 Jump Ropes
600 Pairs of Shoes (Croc style shoes ONLY)
600 Aids Ribbons
Polaroid Film-Most of these women and children do not own a picture of themselves!!!!!!!
600 Notebooks
600 Ink Pens

If your company would like to help out in other ways please email us at info@professional-assistance.net.
Swaziland, Thanks you!

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