National Campaign "Lipstick & Lessons" for today's young ladies

About Lipstick & Lessons:
The idea of Lipstick and Lessons was created by the owner of Just Nika Public Relations firm. Nika has
always had a passion to incorporate beauty and education. She feels that if each young lady is properly
educated on exactly how to combine these two elements, they can be empowered to conquer what we
know as womanhood. The campaign is created to provide young women the tools they need to reach
both long term and short term goals. The campaign will launch digitally, resulting in the registration of
thousands of young women receiving video and live workshops once a week for six weeks, bi-annually.
Some local and nation public figures (i.e. celebrities) will speak on the issues many young woman faces:
such as study habits, hygiene, wardrobe, college applications, self-esteem, and more.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the essence of beauty and education. We hope to inspire each
young woman we interact with to make a change in appearance inwardly and outwardly. We believe if
we make a difference in one young lady’s life, we have done well.

Lipstick and Lessons plans to target young woman ranging in age from 11-21. Though we have prepared
material for a younger audience, the workshops will be beneficial to women of all ages.

The campaign will launch nationally: websites, chat rooms, video blogs, national tours, print, and radio.
Local Campaign Cities: Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Six Week Program:
During the course of the six week program each girl will attend a series of work shops (online and/ or in
person), where some celebrity guess may appear. Afterwards, each girl will receive take home
information andwill be expected to complete a simple homework task. Upon completion of the six week
program, one young lady, the one viewed as the most dedicated to the program, will receive a grand
prize- and possibly a meet and greet with the spokesperson during her six week course.

Registration can be done online at www.justnikapr.com/lipstickandlessons. Additional registration may
be required in the case of an event held at a local venue. Registrants under the age of 18 must get
parent permission. Please email registration questions to lipstickandlessons@justnikapr.com

Participation Rules:
Each registered girl MUST attend at least two workshops and complete the simple homework
assignments to be considered for the grand prize. Workshops will be held once a week for six weeks, biannually, and prior notice will be given. Each young lady must register only once. Information will be
kept for each campaign period. If a registrant is under the age of 18, she must have permission from her
guardian to participate. We are not held responsible in any way for underage registrants.


Lipstick and Lessons currently seeks sponsorships from relatable firms such as Dove®, Tampax®, Ralph
Lauren®. Forever 21®, Office Max®, Wal-Mart®, Target®, and any other related firms. If you’d like to
sponsor related items or monetary gifts please contact Nika, at nika@justnikapr.com

Lipstick and Lessons currently accepts donations via PayPal®.
Please send monetary gifts to lipstickandlessons@justnikapr.com
Minimum Gift: $5.00
Donations can also be made on the website

Brought to you by: Just Nika PR, A-List PR Firm & Stace Face Makeup Bar

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