Kim Kardashian First Wedding Footage Hits the Internet (Video)

I dont know if Im the only one who THOUGHT she would back out of the wedding because she was still in love with Reggie or back out as a media stunt? But Im glad she proved me wrong...maybe she is actually really in love.

Reality star or not...she's still human and the glow on her face shows that she is really happy so how can one not be happy for her? She looks absolutely stunning! Im happy for her and her husband and wish them a happy life together.

I might have to watch this show to find out what it is about Mr Humphries (ewww hope she doesnt change her last name) that made him win the heart (& life) of this dazzling beauty that just about every man in the world wants. I know he feels like "The MAN!" and the luckiest man in the world.

CONGRATS Kim & Kris!!!

Story of her wedding can be found by clicking here - Hollywood Reporter

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