Seeking Producers & Songwriters/Beats for Female Rapper like Missy Elliot

alistprfirm@gmail.com Subj: Missy Bang Project

We are currently seeking Producers & Songwriters/Beatmaker for a new Female Rapper/Pop Artist who is about to take the world by storm with her MISSY ELLIOT swagg!

Working actress, hip hop dancer, choreographer and now...Rapper! This multi-talented young female understands what it takes to STAY in the entertainment industry and works HARD in all her crafts. Being in the industry not only allowed her to build stage presence but it has also allowed her to develop a name for herself -she already has a loyal fan base. 18 yrs old, spunky, crazy and full of energy...she is READY to impress the world with a different type of flow.

She is currently undergoing Artist Development and already has a team that consist of:
  1. Vocal coach
  2. Choreographers
  3. Back up dancers
  4. Manager
  5. Fashion Stylists
  6. Hair Stylists/ Makeup Artists
  7. Publicists
  8. Connections to perform at SEVERAL clubs, venues & events in Atlanta and beyond.
All we need for her project to move forward is a reliable, take no BS/ give no BS, hard working and dedicated:
  • Producers must be edgy & versatile as her style is mixed in so many directions. Must live in the Atlanta area and be serious about his craft. We prefer someone who believes in her rather than someone who just wants to make a quick buck. Someone who is HONEST and will not settle for less.
  • Songwriters/Beatmaker must be CATCHY, crazy with crazy metaphors. (She writes as well so we are seeking co-writers)
We have a few interested parties but want to see what our options are as we will not work with anyone OTHER THAN THE BEST!

She was asked to open up for PLIES but didnt want to perform a mixtape so she declined. She is ready to perform HER OWN MATERIAL and that is where you come in.

A producer gave her a random beat, told her the name of it is "GOOD LIFE" & she got on the mic and started FREE-STYLING for approx 3 minutes straight....NON-STOP! Listen to the track below:

We can send more footage of her free-styling! She's been killing everyone off with her free-styles

For those interested in helping with her project, please email us at alistprfirm@gmail.com with the following information:
  • Occupation (producer/songwriter)
  • Experience
  • Location
  • Do you have your own studio?
  • Contact Information
  • Sample of your work
  1. There is a possibility that we will group her up with our other artist (Hot R&B Female Artist) and find another girl to add to the group. Depending on how they vibe, we will then make a decision to form a group or keep them solo.
  2. She does not have a budget so everyone involved must be willing to work with her situation.
  3. She is one of the hardest working responsible young ladies I know and she has HER OWN reliable transportation (which I learned is a PLUS!)
  4. Your work will NOT be in VAIN!

Not a get rich scheme just honest program that REALLY PAYS!NO SCAMS!

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