Lil Wayne Dancer From North Hollywood Charged with Beating Waitress!!

It's crazy how people PRAY for the opportunity to dance with a MAJOR artists like LIL WAYNE and when they get the opportunity, they mess it up by behaving STUPIDLY. smdh. I'm not saying that she's been fired as his dancer, that hasnt been reported. However chances are, if she misses a show or rehearsal due to this situation, I'm sure Lil Wayne's people would consider a REPLACEMENT & it wont be hard to find one. People, when you have a great opportunity like this, stay away from trouble otherwise TROUBLE will ruin what you worked so hard for.
An argument about splitting a check at P.F. Chang’s in Farmdale, Connecticut Sunday night allegedly led to the arrest of two dancers who were scheduled to perform with rapper Lil Wayne this week at the Comcast Theatre nearby.
According to a story in the Hartford Courant, Jennifer Slaughter, 24, of Auburn Hills, Mich., and Della Hamby, 26, of North Hollywood, were charged with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace.
Slaughter, Hamby, and another patron who was not charged, allegedly asked the waitress to split the check three ways at the end of their meal. According to the Courant story, the waitress informed them that they should have made the request at the beginning of the meal. Read more…
Source: Aris

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