Artist, dont allow another artist to manage you!!!

I've tweeted so much about this subject NOT because I'm hating. Those who are BLESSED, have no need to hate...AND GUESS WHAT- Im very blessed and highly favored! I speak on this subject so much because I cant stand seeing others being taken advantage of. I especially HATE when they have no idea what;s going on. I know lots of people (the frauds) will hate me but OH WELL... God will BLESS ME for speaking up and hopefully saving AT LEAST 1 PERSON!
Is this my ploy to manage your artist? HECK NO...My roster is full and its only open to dancers/choreographers
Artist, NEVER have another active artist (especially an upcoming artist) manage you!

You have to ask yourself...if this person hasn't seen the top, how in the world is he going to take you there? If he hasn't been able to do ANYTHING for his own career, what makes you THINK he can do anything for yours? REAL TALK!

Think about it: If a label was torn between the both of you (your manager, who is an artist & you) & can only sign ONE, do you really think your manager (who wants the same as you do) is really going to fall back and say, "Sign him instead!" Yea right! This is an opportunity that he has been waiting for, why would he allow YOU to live his dream? Therefore, in situations like that, your manager will NOT have your best interest at heart....TRUST ME!

If your manager is an artist, dont be surprised if he promotes himself more than he does you. Dont be surprised that when he makes a flyer, his picture is going to be at top or enlarged and you will see your name in print (a tiny picture if you are lucky) Why? Because your manager is an ARTIST and is not ready to allow anyone shine more than him (even his own talents/clients.)

And your manager probably said some bs like, "Let's get me signed first and when I do, I will make sure you come along with me!" DONT BELIEVE THAT CROCK OF BS! 1st of all, as a manager, he's suppose to make sure that he works for YOU and seeks deals for YOU but because he is an artist, of course HE comes first. 2nd- Him saying "Let me get signed first" means YOUR career is secondary to him! 3rd- After he get signed, that does not mean that he has the authority nor the power to sign you or get you an instant record deal- DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! Him telling you "Lets get me signed first" is his way of saying, "Help promote ME, your manager. Just sit back, dont outshine me and you have to be OK with that!" SMDH

Artist, PLEASE...be mindful that at the end of the day, this is YOUR career; YOUR life. DO NOT allow your competitor (another artist) to manage you & TRUST him with your career because when you do, you allow him the access to ruin you!!

Do your research. People in this industry throw celeb names ALL THE TIME...dont believe the hype. GOOGLE IT! What has your manager done? Will he have your career best at heart?

To be honest with you, I would rather have someone who with no experience who is HONEST ABOUT IT yet is determined to get you to the top. Than to have a FRAUD, claiming this, claiming that (selling you dreams) but you cant find ANY RESULTS of anything he has done in the past. Everyone starts out a rookie/amateur but it depends on HOW THEY START- were they HONEST & told you straight up, "Hey I dont have any experience but Im very determined to get you to the top and I've been online studying and I honestly I can make this happen for you." Or did they name throw promising & selling you dreams??

I know that you want this bad but if you do, please be WISE about it. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH...DONT BE AFRAID to ask around; dont be afraid to ask a potential manager billions of questions!

I honestly believe, artist who manage other artists are like record labels. They dont want to see you outshine their current artist (or themselves) so they sign you and ON PURPOSELY sit you down; put you on the shelf! Or they use you because you are the one with the REAL talent so you open doors for free showcases, etc.... and the manager, who is an artists, throws himself in for a free ride.

You probably built a strong friendship with your manager but I suggest you look for another manager because at the end of the day....this is YOUR CAREER; YOUR LIFE and you must be LOYAL to yourself!

I hope this blog helps you see whats in front of your face and I hope that you make wiser decisions in your hunt for a manager. Best regards to everyone!

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Swirl Ent said...

I can't agree more with you, as pertaining to that matter also don't let a lable manage you also. Becuase you loose twice and nowadays Lables are trying to get you in a 360 deal and that's wrong you are your own boss. Have someone to manage especially if their experience but also you can have a personel manager that could be a longtime friend or family memeber, just make sure they have your bacl . Peace

alisttalent said...

I was just talking to a friend about this.

NEVER SIGN TO ANOTHER ARTIST'S LABEL: The only label (owned by an artist) I seen that has actually done anything for their artist is NO LIMIT (Master P) and NO LIMIT FOREVER (Romeo) The rest that I know of will actually sign an artist so that they have control over that artist AND on purposely put them on the shelf so that artist doesnt outshine them and ruin their careers.

NEVER USE THE LABELS MANAGER AND ATTORNEYS: Artists, think about it. If the label supplies you with a manager and attorney (who works for them) WHO WILL WORK FOR YOU? So you have the manager and the attorney working for the label (ALL 3 ARE ON THAT SIDE), you as an artist is on one side. So will the manager and attorney make decisions that are BEST FOR YOU if they work for the label???? The label is more important to them...you are just the artist. So OF COURSE they are going to look out for the label.
You need to find a manager and an attorney WHO WILL WORK FOR YOU and who will be on YOUR SIDE (not the labels)

alisttalent said...

It is a HUGE conflict of interest if the manager/attorney (who is suppose to be looking out FOR YOU) is getting paid by or is associated with the label.
Find an attorney/manager who is in no way affiliated with the label.