FINALLY Indie Artists can get PAID w their music, videos, artwork, poetry...

Artists of ALL types- musicians, painters, poetry...EVERYONE!
Everyone who can share files online can get paid!

As you know, if you are not a well-known artist, people will not buy your music, poetry, artwork, etc... Now, there is a way that you can get GIVE THEM Free content and still get paid for it!
Hey you can sit there and let your talents go to waste or you can take my word, give fans & potential fans your free content AND get paid for it...whether or not they like your content.

Free content can be anything:
  • Music (mp3)
  • Music Samples - it doesnt even have to be FANS that you give your content to. You can share your content with anyone and get paid. For an example- you want to send your beat to a songwriter. EVERY CONTENT IS SECURED- you can even password protect it.
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Files
  • anything downloadable and uploadable!
  • anything digital!

What do you have to lose????

Music Lessons in Atlanta, GA
As low as $20
Vocals | Piano | Saxophone | Song-Writing| Music Theory

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