AMC Independent is considering content from independent filmmakers


AMC Independent is considering content from independent filmmakers for feature-length films. For consideration, please submit the following information to AMCIndependent@amctheatres.com

• Name of film
• Plot/Summary
• Run time
• Rating
• Release date
• Do you have a Screener available via DVD?
• Should we agree to book your film, will you deliver the film to theatres in 35mm prints or Digitally?
• Have you made any commitments to have your film released in Home Video Format or on VOD? If so, what is the release date?
• What marketing tactics can you execute to raise visibility around your film? How will the public know they can experience your film at AMC? Please be as detailed as possible.

What monetary budget do you have to invest in order to promote the film? Please also describe any assets you can leverage if they add value to your marketing agenda and can help reach your target audience.
• What markets are you looking to open in should we decide to release your film?

All requirements must be completed in order for your film to be reviewed.

Film submissions may require up to six weeks for review.

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