Tez "The HipHop Politician" Figaro Provides Jobs to over 100 people in Orlando for All-Star Weekend

Tez "The HipHop Politician" Figaro Provides Jobs to over 100 people in Orlando for All-Star Weekend

During the new Presidential debates the main focus is employment! How many Americans are out of work and how many jobs will be available, like...NOW? For years Tez "Hip Hop's Politician" Figaro, current candidate for Florida House of Representative's, District 39, has been employing hundreds of people in her community through her human resource staffing firm "The Allied Group".

Continuing with her commitment to the community, on 2-24- 2012 Tez "The HipHop Politician" Figaro is scheduled to sit on a panel entitled "Occupy Our Community". She will join other community stakeholders to discuss how to formulate principles of behavior, choice , accountability and investment. At the very same time, her employees will be getting ready to greet thousands of people at the New Amway Arena as out of state guest prepare to attend All Star weekend Festivities. She believes that although there are many things to do during All Star weekend she understands that the following weekend after the game is over, the problems will still exists therefore is it critical that she participates on the panel to ensure the topic of jobs is at the table.

As one of the many new voices with a very different leadership style then the past leaders, she believes it is important to be at the "table" to discuss how to improve our community , however she also believes it is just as important to deliver the results by ensuring people have employment in order to provide meat on their "table" to eat. One of the many ways of doing this is by serving her second year as a City of Orlando subcontractor at the City of Orlando venues (one of which is the home to the Orlando Magic- the new Amway Arena) which is the home to the NBA All Star game 2012, Tezlyn is also a participant in the 2012 National Basketball Association Diversity Program, Tezlyn will serve in both capacity’s. Upon completion of All Star weekend Tezlyn will have placed over 100 temporary PAID associates to work during many All Star Weekend events.

This past Sunday Tez "The HipHop Politician" Figaro and a few of her High School Seniors took part in a discussion for a new Stay in School program called "26 Seconds", which is aligned with the State Farm Public Awareness Campaign Addressing the Nation’s Dropout Crisis. The NBA Development League (NBA D-League) and State Farm® announced on February 7th that the

26 Seconds campaign will present the 2012 NBA D-League All-Star Game. The campaign’s goal is to increase the high school graduation rate. The shot clock during this game will be extended to 26 seconds in order to drive awareness to the fact that a student drops out of high school every 26 seconds in America.
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State Farm launched the 26 Seconds campaign to address the dropout issue by empowering teens to not only be aware of this startling statistic, but to make a personal commitment to graduate. The campaign’s message to teens is to "BSEEN, BHEARD, BYOU and BMOR (be more) than this statistic." The campaign is supported by the education community, particularly the America’s Promise Alliance, and NBA All-Star LeBron James. Tez "The HipHop Politician" Figaro is very much in favor of this project because The Allied Group doesn't just help adults find employment, additionally, she is passionate about helping youth find their path in life, and through The Allied Group she has hired more than 25 Workforce Academy students for the City Venues.

Another Part of Figaro's commitment to the community is seen in her business, which includes a volunteer corps. Under her leadership, more than 300 of The Allied Group volunteers have provided over 35,000 hours of community service. Recognized on ABC affiliate Channel 9, Central Florida's Spotlight as a job expert, Tezlyn Figaro has held corporate leadership roles within the world's leading organizations.

This weekend you can also catch Tez "The HipHop Politician" Figaro networking at some off the hottest Hip Hop Celebrity events in Orlando. She is very passionate about the connection between Politics and the Hip Hop Industry. Tez "The HipHop Politician" Figaro has always had a passion for the entertainment industry and spoken word. Her goal is to mix her poetry with her political platform and help our youth and music lovers remember to use there voice for change in government. More information on Tezlyn Figaro can be found at http://www.tezforhouse.com 

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