Buy Jill Thrussells new book "Mirage of identity" All royalties go to Uhuru Africa Projects

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Buy Jill Thrussell's new book Mirage of identity. All royalties go to Uhuru Africa Projects.

Mirage of Identity 
Illusion, confusion, victimisation, protection, direction, succession

A young girl growing up without the safety net of a family or parents from the age of two, a broken childhood, heroin addict parents and siblings scattered all over the world. This is the story of one woman’s struggle to overcome the trials and tribulations of growing up with no family protection and care. Having to overcome battles such as domestic violence and other horrors, learn of one woman’s battle to retain her innocence, liberate herself and overcome the obstacles of disturbing and difficult childhood.

Find out how she overcame these traumatic experiences, turned her life around and then went on to excel in education. As an educated professional she has worked with several internationally renowned organisations. Learn how she coped with the loneliness of having no family and about her quest to seek love, family, an identity and acceptance, from other sources. 

Read this book to understand and equip yourself so you can live a life free from unnecessary pain, so that you too can realise your potential. Unlike many such pieces, this book has actually been written by the author who endured and experienced this story first hand. 
 A beautifully written novel
 A true story 
 A manual full of valuable life lessons 
 An inspirational and motivational narration 

Book Review 
‘Maybe it takes someone who has lived and grown up without a family to teach the world, the compassion to love our human family properly. A very inspiring, beautifully written book’ – Lucy 

All royalties from sales of this book are donated to the charity work of Uhuru Africa

About the author:
Jill Thrussell is a Christian teacher, social entrepeneur, activist, author, motivational speaker and humanitarian. She grew up in Scotland for most of her childhood. She grew up without parents or family from the age of two years old. The two family members that she did know are not parents but siblings and other relatives from the following countries - Scotland, Ghana and Nigeria.'

Despite these adversities she went on to acquire a first class honors degree in Accounting and Finance studied at a UK university and later whilst working completed my ACCA exams. Throughout her career she has worked as a professional in the media, public and charitable sector. Having worked some of the worlds largest media giants, then working in charities for the last five years as an accountant/finance manager and getting more heavily involved in the operational and strategic management. Currently living in London and founder/trustee of Uhuru Africa having just finished writing her first book. The first of which will be used to fund international development projects of Uhuru Africa sponsoring projects for the  international  development charity she is a trustee and founder of. 

A bible believing Christian with no denominational preferences believing that the whole bible is significant and equally important. She believes that Christianity is not just an activity and the bible is not just a novel, but a real belief system and lifestyle choice. That the word of God is not just be read and studied but lived, adhered to and submitted to. That the God of the bible is real and he loves us with his grace, compassion, justice and mercy. She loves God and has a personal relationship with him seeing him as her father. In recent times she has started teaching having been told repeatedly by multiple people that she was gifted in this area, with a series of books and dvds being worked on at the moment. All royalties from any teaching materials, go to the charity work of Uhuru Africa. 

She also actively believes and participates in child sponsorship and believe that no child should suffer simply because of where they were born and she sponsors a child.
With all she does her main aim in life is to facilitate her talents to spread the Gospel and end poverty, suffering and injustice. 

If you would like her to visit your group, church, organization or business please email admin@jillthrussell.co.uk this can be organized in exchange for a payment of expenses and support of some kind for the work of the charity ministry she is responsible for at Uhuru Africa. 

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