Get Your SAG Card Now! New Media "loophole" Explained

If you're frustrated by the time it takes to qualify for SAG membership - this message can change your life.

Due to language in the most recent Screen Actors Guild basic agreement with the studios, there is now what I would call a 'quick and easy' way to qualify for SAG membership. IN A HURRY?


Since I started helping actors ten years ago, in my role as an acting career coach, the question I get most often is; "How do I get into SAG?" Up until a few months ago, I had to give a pretty complicated answer about vouchers, sister unions, and union security definitions. But now everything has changed ...

Long story short, after their last negotiations with AMPTP, SAG adopted a new contract known as "The New Media" contract - which covers those entertainment projects made specifically for the web.

The good news? This New Media deal makes it possible for a non-union actor to become a signatory producer, make a very low-budget project and then "Taft-Hartley" themselves into the guild. Translation: You can hire yourself! HOWEVER ... AND IT'S A BIG HOWEVER ...

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of this breakthrough opportunity, you've got to complete every step of the process just right - or SAG can deny your application. That's why I decided to publish a new course called Get Your SAG Card Now, written by and starring award- winning actor and filmmaker, David Knell. This set of seven videos (and printable transcript) will walk you through the entire process, step by step ... crossing every 't' and dotting every 'i.' No more excuses - if you just follow David's clear, comprehensive and entertaining guidance, you'll be able to qualify for SAG membership in about 30 days (or less if you're that 'take charge' type of actor).


  • Don't wait any longer, doing extra work, looking for a 'lucky break' or jumping through hoops.
  • Control the process from start to finish and truly be pro-active in your career.
  • Start building the skill-sets that every performer is going to need in the future of new media.

    Look, this blog is already starting to get sort of long - why not just click the link below and go see the short video I made, explaining everything?

    Don't put this off - this could be the 'big break' you've been waiting for - and the best part is that you can control the whole process, from beginning to end. Have a breathtaking day and, as always ... Much Success


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