Bring @Heiress_Wynter's dad DURAND ROBINSON's Murderer 2Justice-VIDEO

I seen a fellow PR, Wynter Robinson @ tweet this info on her page. Unfortunately, her dad is the victim of this senseless crime and because her dad was taken away from her, she is a living victim.

It's sad how we are never sensitive to what others go through until it actually happens to us or hits close to home. I pray that this type of tragedy never happens to any of you. But the best way to prevent stuff like this is to bring murderers to justice.

Duran Robinson's murderer is still at large; still running the streets that we drive on, walk on, that our kids play on. Who knows if Duran Robinson is his first victim or his last...all I know is HE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP to ensure that he doesn't kill nor hurt anyone anymore.

The chances that that same individual will commit another crime that involves violence and therefore the potential of another murder is nearly 90%! ~unnamed parole officer

When you take a child's father away, I dont care how old the child is...the event is VERY PAINFUL. I can only imagine what Wynter and her family are going through. My heart and prayer goes out to them.

Please watch the video below and if you have ANY TIPS AT ALL (even if you feel like it's little and wont help, it may just be the piece to the puzzle) please call the number on the video.

Come out and share the feeling of Love that was Durand Robinson
March 31, 2011
[Click flyer to enlarge]

Let's show his beautiful children that we support them and that we care!

Club Moonlite,
3302 Laventure Dr
Chamblee Ga 30341

Please RT this information and spread the word!

The more people who sees this, the better chance we have of taking his murderer off our streets and into prison, where he belongs!

The longer he remains on the streets, the more people he can hurt. He murdered DURAN ROBINSON. Your dad, mom, kids or other family members can be next...
YOU can be next!!

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