ATL- Like to GAMBLE? Only $45 round trip to NC's High Stakes Bingo MAY5

Our luxury motorcoach comfortably seats 56 passengers. Equipped with amenities such as interior climate control, reclining seats with foot rests, card tables, overhead AC blowers and reading lamps, restroom facilities, DVD entertainment system with 6 video monitors, and plush seating, all on an air-cushioned ride. We offer donuts once you board, and a bagged lunch & drink. On the outbound trip, we will play Bingo. On the return back home, we will take it easy and watch a movie.
We will have pickup/dropoff locations at the following areas:
  • Indian Trail-Lilburn Rd/85 Park n Ride
  • Discover Mills sect 4 (near Dave n Busters)
  • Mall of Ga (near Belks, just to the left of the Theater entrance)
  • 985/20 Park n Ride

SponsoredTweets referral badgeOur trips to Cherokee, NC will be our main focus and we will branch out to other Casinos and High Stakes Bingo Halls in other states. If you have a destination in mind, or have personal experience with a great Bingo Hall or Casino, please let us know! We are here for you!

When you plan your trip to Cherokee, you have three options:

  • Playing at Harrah’s Casino for the full trip
  • Playing at Tribal Bingo for the full trip
  • Playing at Harrah’s and Tribal Bingo in the same trip
If you choose to play at both places, here is the schedule for trips going the 1st Saturday of the month when Tribal Bingo is a High Stakes game:
We will arrive at Tribal Bingo at Noon. Those who are going to Harrah’s for 4 hours will have first priority of getting their bingo packet and reserving their seat. Between 12:30-12:45 we will board the bus and go over to Harrah’s Casino. The bus will return to Tribal Bingo in time to play the main session, leaving Harrah’s at 5:30, promptly, so please be in line waiting at least 15 minutes prior. ***WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU ARE LATE. YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION BACK TO TRIBAL BINGO IF YOU MISS THE BUS.***
***We need a minimum of 15 people playing for a minimum of 4 hours per Harrah’s rules to receive a comp (which is typically a $5-10 voucher, but may change at any time)
We will stay for the Late Owl games which start around 10:30pm and go until approx. 12:30am. This way the people who went to Harrah’s can enjoy some smaller games like the Early Bird games.
We will also go to Cherokee on other days of the week and we will have the same 3 options, the times will be different though since Tribal Bingo will start later. Doors open at 4:30pm, Early Birds start at 5:30pm and the regular game starts at 7:00pm. Click Here for the Spring/Summer Schedule and costs to play.
Your bingo packet is $75 for a 12-on. You may purchase more than one of these, but that will not get you a 2nd seat at the table, one seat per person, this is a strict rule!
You will get 32 games total. There are 14 games that pay out $1500/game and a guaranteed jackpot of $35,000 that is included in your $75 packet. There are additional games you can buy that pay $1,000/game, Spin The Wheel, Bonanza’s (you can trade up bad cards), and Speed Ball Game (dont try to play two squares, they really do go FAST!!!).
The Early Birds are $10 for a 6-on, and the Late Owls are $5.00 for a 6-on, and they pay out $200/game. There are also WTA (Winner Takes All) games with the Late Owls, and they range in pay. The cost is $1.00 for a 6-on. I saw them range from $500-$1200 when I played there.
May 5th High Stakes Bingo

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